Matts Announces Fewer Results From Same Domain Due to Domain Clustering Update

May 21, 2013

In a constant effort to provide web searchers with the best possible experience and search results, Google announced changes to results from the same domain name. Currently, search results for a specific keyword or phrase may yield multiple results that have the same domain name. In contrast, the proposed changes would limit the results that have been shown in multiple, previous searches.

Clustered Domains: Restrictions of the Past

Google SERPs
Although some major search engines established algorithms limiting the number of search results highlighting one domain, many websites, businesses and marketers were able to get around the limitations by creating sub domains on their sites. By establishing sub domains, web marketers were able to insure their results showed in the search results without being limited or restricted.

By restricting the number of like domains that appear in search results, major search engines like Google, hoped to offer searchers a more diverse, and therefore positive, search experience. In contrast, with lacking restrictions, searchers who may not be interested in the offerings or information of one particular site would not have access to simple comparisons.

Why Diversifying Search Results and Domains is Important

Only getting results from a couple different domains makes it difficult for searchers to see adequate results that allow them to compare and seek diverse information and ideas. While many search engines hope to highlight authoritative, quality sites that offer useful information, they also hope to offer diverse information from many different sources, which allows searchers to choose and sift through information for themselves. The more information available to searchers and the more diverse the search results displayed, the better the chance they can uncover the best and most relevant site and information for their specific search. In contrast, seeing search results that only displays results featuring one domain can make it necessary to search and sift through multiple pages of results in order to find other options and information that also matches terms and phrases.

What Does Diversity in Domains Mean for Businesses?

Although more diverse search results can offer more choice to those searching the web for specific sites, information, products and services, it also changes the search atmosphere for businesses that may have been highlighted and given authority among results for the same domain. Quality, white hat search engine optimization efforts are still important will still help highlight businesses and websites as authorities in their industry while creating a positive experience for those searching those specific keywords and terms. While diversification of domains means there is more competition for some businesses and sites, it also makes creating a valuable and quality experience for searchers even more important: which should be the goal for all websites, web masters and marketers.

As digital marketing and search engine optimization continues to evolve and transform with the changes in the way people search, it’s vital that businesses and the way marketers target their audience continues to grow and improve simultaneously.