Major Brands Flock to Tumblr after Yahoo Acquisition

May 31, 2013

Like many other social media outlets that have adopted and adapted to include brands and companies as users, in an effort to increase profit, Tumblr is no different. As one of the fastest growing social media avenues among some of the major giants of social interaction, such as twitter, facebook and pinterest, Tumblr has begun to explore and include methods of showcasing and including business and brand interaction among the thousands of users and growing traffic inhabited by the site. But what are some of the major differences in the way Tumblr operates and the method its user interact that makes it a good choice for businesses?

major brands flock to Tumblr

Major Support and the Acquisition by Yahoo

In recent news, Yahoo, announced its acquisition of the growing social media platform, provoking wonder among users and advertisers alike regarding how the purchase will change the site. Despite the fear that some may have regarding the purchase, it does offer the channel greater support and the heavy hitting associated with the popular, albeit slipping, search engine giant.

Interactivity and the Blog

Though social media is interactive by nature, Tumblr has provoked a new sense of interaction from users, much different from the simple blog that shares information and offers few methods of truly interacting with the information, comments and other readers and audience members.

Visual Sharing and Consumption

Though Pinterest and Instagram have highlighted the extreme usability and ease of sharing with very visual social media avenues, Tumblr combines the interactivity with visual desires, feeding into the shortening attention spans and image driven media consumption.

Quality Content and Interaction Among Paid Ad Saturation

While Yahoo may have changes in the works for the branding side of Tumblr and methods of generating advertising dollars, Tumblr currently relies on blogging in contrast with paid advertisements that have begun to bog down other forms of social media. As a result, the idea of including brands relying on quality content that is shareable, artistic and may be even desired, is much different from force feeding users with paid ads popping up within their social media feeds and side bars. The idea of forcing quality content in order to truly adopt Tumblr as a method of branding and promotion is much less overwhelming to users and may even be less of a turn off as other avenues become over saturated with ads.

Branding and Tumblr

The unique aspect of using Tumblr to promote a brand, idea or company is one that require a concise idea of how that content and images accompanying will be received by users. Without quality ideas and messages conveyed in a creative, visual method, brands looking to take advantage of Tumblr and the users flocking to use it, may be a waste of time, effort and money. On the other hand, providing an idea with great content and exciting images that provokes shares and interaction may be just what a brand or business needs to highlight what makes it different and showcase its identity: a powerful premise of social media marketing.