Local Search: Best Practices

Aug 6, 2013

The increasing use of mobile devices has made local search more and more important to the way websites are optimized for search engine ranking. But despite the importance of local search and geo-locations in results, understanding how to optimize one’s site to meet consumer needs and show up where visitors are searching is becoming increasingly vital for businesses and marketers alike.

local search best practices

Using Location in Keywords and Phrases

As more searchers use their location and GPS to find businesses, services and products offered, including keywords that encompass locations and geo-tagging is becoming imperative as businesses aim to show up in results their target demographics are searching.

Including natural keywords accompanied by specific locations where consumers are targeted as well as where once business resides ca be a great way to continue offering quality content that provides solutions and answers questions while helping one’s site show up in search rankings for important phrases in specific regions.

Optimizing Local Listings

Taking advantage of local listings is another important step that can help boost local search results. Directories that map and can be used on mobile devices can be a great way to draw traffic to one’s site and even link to geo-specific websites for various business locations under one company. In addition, such listings offer methods of interaction for consumers and potential clients, including reviews, social media associated and contact information.

Optimizing such listings with information consumers are searching for can offer them a convenient way of gathering the most necessary data and allowing easy contact. In addition, pictures, video and multimedia can help boost search results for local listings while making them more interesting to visitors. Encouraging reviews not only helps improve search engine optimization for local listings, it also helps produce a sense of trust, provoking contact and giving visitors peace of mind in a company they are considering.

Move Toward Mobile

It’s no secret that optimizing a website for the mobile experience is becoming important to web traffic, contacts and visits. By making sure potential consumers have access to information right from the palm of their hand through smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, businesses can ensure they are available to clients where they are searching for help.

Since most mobile searches include geo-specific searches and local businesses, optimizing one’s mobile offerings to capitalize on those searches is an important part of placing one’s company in front of valuable clients looking for answers and solutions.

As more consumers turn to mobile devices to meet their needs on the run, making sure quality content is right at their fingertips in the locations where they are searching is an important part of staying with transforming technology and changing consumer activities. In addition, highlighting one’s services and products in front of those who are looking in a specific region or location can help offer clients a tailored experience that separates smaller businesses from some of the difficult-to-compete-with giants.