LinkedIn Launches New Mobile App

Apr 25, 2013

Although LinkedIn had a previous version of a mobile application, available to LinkedIn users, professionals and companies, they recently announced a revamped version, which its developers hope will appeal to a transforming mobile audience. In contrast with the previous version, the latest app is meant for use by business professionals who take their work ,and association professional connections beyond the office.

The updated LinkedIn mobile application is available for a variety of devices, including the iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Why Did LinkedIn Update Its Mobile Applications?

With a more than 250 percent increase in mobile users accessing their LinkedIn accounts from home, work, while traveling and commuting via public transportation, the professional social media site has spent countless months improving a variety of aspects for users. Mobile improvements were a vital component of the company’s efforts to keep up with other social media avenues while promoting the site among current users, provoking more and more time spent browsing, sharing and contributing.

While social media use has changed the way people connect and companies market online, mobile devices have taken social media use a step further. Instead of simple connection, users and, now, professionals alike, have access to information, feeds and the possibility of professional and personal interaction right at their fingertips.

Like most Americans, and people across the globe, professionals, employers and employees are taking their social media use on the road. Without continuing to grow with the transforming social media and professional connection needs of working Americas, LinkedIn could not possibly compete with emerging sites and methods of professional connection.

What’s New

linkedin app
The LinkedIn mobile update includes various transformations and improvements. Some of the most prevalent changes encompass simpler navigation, better feed updates and methods of making the mobile version of the site much easier to customize to personal preferences.

Unlike previous ways of commenting, sharing and interacting with other posters and within LinkedIn groups, the new mobile app allows greater ease of use, provoking users to take action more often, therefore, growing the influence and impact of the site.

In addition to simpler methods of contribution, the updated application offers greater personalization, an aspect that allows LinkedIn to compete with other avenues of social media by appealing to the individuality of targeted professionals. The personalization of the app also promotes improved methods of accessing tailored information from groups, other professionals and major contributors on the site.

Information specifically targeting users the way they see fit and better organization of information in their feed also makes it even more important for other users, sharers and companies to create more relevant content in order to remain within these easily personalized feeds. Less important information and spam can be easily disregarded through such feeds, placing greater importance on quality, engaging content shared throughout the site and within the updated LinkedIn mobile application.