Learn How Businesses Use Pinterest Contests to Drive Traffic and Increase Exposure

Jan 18, 2013

Businesses are now using Pinterest contests to market their products and services to a vast audience in social media sites. The contests are a great way for businesses to engage their existing followers and capture the attention of potential followers.

Pinterest – Getting Started

pinterest contestsPinterest is a visual bulletin board that allows users to post images that inspire them and share them on multiple social networking sites. It is also a social media site particularly popular in the US. Businesses with plans to drive traffic to their sites and increase exposure may find Pinterest contests to be an effective marketing tool.

A contest that is gaining wide popularity with businesses and customers is the Pin-it-to-win-it contest. A PITWI is mostly used in promotion of literary works, building programs on social media, gain free memberships to certain programs and social media consultations in online clubs.

Many business managers may be aware of Pinterest contests or the need for one but do not know how to use it effectively to drive traffic and market their websites.

How to undertake a Pinterest Contest

Once a business manager decides to use Pinterest in marketing, they should start by developing certain graphics to promote the contest. Many graphic design applications can be used to create images that will attract the attention of the target audience. Once the design is done, pin it on the business’ Pinterest bulletin board. For effective social media marketing, link back the graphic to the company website or page on a social media site. This is done to direct traffic where pinners can get more information about the business.

Don’t stop just at pinning. Use the hype created by the graphics to promote the business. After pinning, post on the company social media page, blog, search engine site and any other site on the Internet. Ensure the posts are made in multiple sites. Followers will then re-pin after which the winner is selected at the end of the contest.

Courtesy of cntraveler.com

Courtesy of cntraveler.com

Benefits of Pinterest contests

The contests assist organizations get valuable information about their products or services from clients. Such information can be used to improve the product or service offered by the business. Businesses also learn the preferences of customers. The customer feedback can be used to tailor goods and services to accommodate the needs of customers.

Many Business owners who understand how to use Pinterest contests to gain visibility find that it’s a simpler means of driving traffic to their business than advertising in individual social media sites. This is one of the reasons why Pinterest contests have gained popularity.