Is Your SEO Campaign A Success if you are Not ranking?

Jul 2, 2013

Climbing the ranks of the major search engines is probably an important goal for all or many businesses large and small, helping drive traffic and increase visits. But while attracting traffic by showing up in the places and for the keywords that audience members are searching for answers and solutions, the ultimate goal for many owners, marketers and leaders is increasing revenue. All the traffic in the world may be of little value if a website, product or service does not enact action from the consumer and promote revenue.

The Power of Web Presence

A powerful presence on the web is often meaningless if it does not promote authority, branding or provoke action among audience members. But despite the importance of providing a valuable solution, increasing one’s rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing can sometimes overwhelm the bigger picture.

SEO success

White Hat SEO and Quality Content

The best practices established by major search engines, like Google, are created with the audience and searcher in mind. With goals of offering searchers the best search experience possible, best practices highlight quality content, authoritative links, images and video. As a result, many search engine optimization tactics are actually designed to attract searchers who desire the targeted information and provoke conversion from mere visitor to customer or client. Well, written content comprised of new, fresh ideas can create authority that brings visitors back and provokes shares, links and referral traffic. In addition, utilizing different types of engaging, exciting content, such as video and images can also provider a better experience that can provoke action among visitors that leads to profit.

Competition and Search Engine Ranking

One of the difficult aspects associated with search engine optimization is the competition tied to certain keywords and phrases, which can leave some smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets, at a disadvantage. But despite the competition among certain keywords, improving search engine optimization for a website can still provoke a valuable increase in the revenue. Targeting long tail keywords is one way to overcome some of the challenges tied to competition while encouraging new visitors. By improving the major tactics associated with search engine optimization best practices, web masters and business owners can continue nurturing search ranking improvements while drawing and retaining visitors and turning those visitors into customers. By highlighting authority within an industry using quality content, sources, linking and multimedia, visitors may feel a greater connection, stronger bond or greater loyalty that prompts an action or purchase.

While improving search engine optimization is a constant battle that stays on the minds of many marketers, web masters and business leaders alike, it is important to keep in mind that the efforts are meant to provide visitors with the best possible experience. By providing audience members with such a service by following the best practices suggested by major search engines, a website can become more attractive, more useful and more profitable.