Is There Such A Thing as Free Website Traffic Without Paying for SEO

Aug 20, 2013

Every website owner, Webmaster and business owner desires an increase in visitor traffic and inquiries regarding their business. But despite the necessity for a greater number of audience members visiting one’s website, search engine optimization can be overwhelming and costly. Despite the multitude of services, guru’s and digital marketing consultants, improving one’s search engine optimization in a natural way, for little or no money is not impossible. Instead, with some simple steps and basic know-how business owners and small business leaders can take action and SEO into their own hands, limiting the potentially high cost without forfeiting increased traffic accompanying search engine optimization efforts.

Utilize Free Listings and Directories

free website traffic
In addition to being free of cost, directories and industry listings can be a great way to both build links and drive traffic to one’s website. Listings on Google, Yahoo, Yelp and other major search engines and directories can be fairly simple to claim and optimize with simple business and contact information, pictures and other multi-media. In addition, such directories can be a great way to help happy clients and customers share their experience with potential consumers who may be searching for one’s particular product or service. Claiming a profile or listing is vital to showing prospective consumers that a business is thriving and active. In addition, it signals to search engines that a business has a web presence coinciding with its products and services and is available for those searching for solutions and answers.

While taking advantage of free listings is important to building links on one’s website, without costly help, business owners have access to some of the most beneficial information available. It’s not a surprise that a business owner, managers and employees understanding their business and their clients better than any one else, making them a vital authority within their industry with a multitude of information to share and expand upon. Expanding on some of the information leaders and owners are already extremely familiar with through web content, blogs and press releases can be a great, low-cost way to drive traffic to one’s website while building relevance and highlighting authority. Taking some of the popular questions clients approach managers and employees with and building simple content around those questions while offering solutions not only shows clients one understands their needs, it also helps websites show up among search results for those questions and needs.

The Power of Social Media

Another powerful tool that can be extremely cost efficient for small business owners looking to improve web traffic without the high-cost of search engine optimization experts and companies is social media. While social media is no magic, lead generating wand, it can help build a sense of community that promotes two-way communication between businesses, representatives and clients. Linking to content, interacting with followers and friends, sharing information and commenting on content displayed by others keeps others aware of one’s brand while promoting a sense of community and company culture that can make searchers more curious about one’s site and offerings.

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