Is Outreach Via Social Media A Good Way to Build Links?

Sep 12, 2013

Link building is becoming less and less about the tangible grasp of thousands of links leading to one’s website and more about the types of links and connections promoted with them. As the digital marketing world progresses and transforms to meet the needs of searches and the changing efforts of search engines, building links has taken a turn, prompting a more hands-on and attentive approach to building connections and establishing website authority with other online sources.

link building using social media outreach

The importance of building connections during the link building process helps offer valuable information to consumers who are becoming less easy to trick into clicking and believing everything they read and see on the world wide web.

Social media offers a source of link building that is more trustworthy because of the connections garnered prior to sharing and linking to information. In addition, most companies and businesses have already established some sort of relationship with those they connect with through various social media outlets, making it much easier for those readers and consumers to have faith in the information provided and, therefore, improving the potential for virality.

One of the most important steps when developing links and reaching out to consumers via social media is the establishment of those connections prior to such solicitation. Bombarded by messages and advertisements all day, every day, consumers can often be suspicious of messages they read from those that have not established a clear relationship with them first.

Sharing company culture, conversing with audience members and sharing sides of one’s company that consumers can relate to is an important way businesses can create a community where visitors can feel comfortable. Simple regurgitating information from a blog or information that seems salesy and spamming can immediately set off alarms in the minds of consumers that a business is not interested in developing a relationship at all. Instead, businesses can create an online community that has something of value to offer consumers while finding value in audience information and opinion as well.

In addition to garnering the opinions of followers on social media to create a reciprocal relationship where trust is important, participating in conversations on other social media pages that may be related can be another great way to highlight one’s authority in an industry while showcasing information and building relationships.

While sharing and gathering information from others by utilizing other social media pages and blog posts, not only can businesses ad marketers nurture valuable relationships they can also uncover networking opportunities with other professionals, who often have much to share. Creating relationships with other businesses and professionals can be a great way to promote information and garner shares and engagement through the information they publish and link to. By offering valuable and thoughtful opinions and information, other businesses, pages and writers may find it suitable to share and engage with that information, further promoting blog posts and web content while continuing to grow one’s social media community and those who have access to one’s information.