Is Negative SEO Still Impacting Your Website?

Jun 27, 2013

negative search engine optimization
One of the most popular digital topics consuming forums, blog posts and social media is the improvement of search engine optimization and how to increase one’s search ranking with various tactics and best practice efforts. But despite all of the steps that can be completed in order to improve ranking, one topic that lingers in the background is the presence of negative search engine optimization and its role in actually hurting the ranking of a business’s website.

Understanding the various ways that one may target a website and negatively affect search engine optimization efforts can help marketers, web masters and business owners alike, protect their website from malicious SEO efforts that could harm their traffic and their overall bottom line.

Negative Link Building

One method some malicious web masters may use to negatively affect another, sometimes competitor, website is through link building that will negatively affect that website by not following the best practices recommended by major search engines. As a result, affected websites may experience a drop in search ranking because of the poor quality, purchased or link farms tied to their site.

Duplication of Content

negative SEOTaking content from one’s sites and publishing it on various other sites in the same format is a form of duplication that is frowned upon by the major search engines as a poor search engine optimization tactic. But while a webmaster or business owner may not be responsible for the creation of such duplicate content, its existence can still have negative repercussions. Because it can be difficult for the major search engines to recognize the original source of content on a website. As a result, duplicated content can be difficult for the original writer and publishers to combat.

Although major search engines, such as Google, have begun to make greater efforts to combat negative search engine optimization, there are still certain aspects that are difficult to overcome with their algorithms. As a result, there are several factors that can help web masters and business owners spot negative search engine optimization and overcome some of the challenges accompanying.

Tracking current ranking among search engines is one way to make sure one knows what is going on with a website, so that when a drop does occur, it can be addressed. In addition, tracking the links that are connected to a site is imperative to making sure there are no malicious or negative linking practices tied to one’s site.

By understanding the various things that could negatively affects one’s SEO, it can be much easier to comprehend when action must be taken if negative search engine optimization is suspected. In addition, watching what is currently going on with one’s site on a very regular basis can help alert marketers and business owners when something out of the ordinary or negative is occurring.