Is Link Building Dead?

Jun 20, 2013

Link building has long been an important part of search engine optimization. But as the Internet marketing climate continues to change and transform, many marketers and business owners alike find themselves wondering whether link building still carries the same prowess it used to or whether such efforts are in vain. While link building has experience definite changes and the methods associated have similarly changed, it can still be an important part in optimizing one’s site, using some of the following guidelines and overcoming some of the growing challenges.

The Link Building Transformation

is-link-building-deadWhile many of the major search engines have cracked down on unnatural links, comprised of purchased links or those gathered from link farms, there are still some methods of link building that are not frowned upon.

Insuring links don’t violate some of the major search engine’s best practices can be as simple as putting in the time and effort as one builds links in contrast with choosing the easiest, fastest route. Some of the most important steps that can help reveal whether links may be helping or hurting one’s website include:

  • Checking Links with an Audit
  • Seeking Out Links That Coincide With Industry and Content
  • Highlighting Strengths and Efforts With Public Relations

Checking into the kinds of links currently tied to one’s website can be one of the most important steps to uncovering whether or not there may be a problem. In addition, it can reveal where marketers need to improve. The kinds of links, types of links and methods of linking are all vital components that can have a big impact on one’s overall search engine optimization as well as their linking plans.

In addition to checking one’s current linking scheme and the types of links associated with a site, exploring new methods of obtaining different links that will actually drive traffic is important. Press releases and online publicity can be an extremely beneficial method of driving traffic to a website with relevant links within and drawing traffic from readers and audience members who are already interested in the specified topic, exemplified by the fact that they have read enough of a story to click through to a website.

By taking advantage of pinpointed methods of link building as part of a search engine optimization plan, link building continues to play an important role in driving traffic, sourcing and highlighting the authority of a website as displayed by the types of other websites linking to them. As a result, even as linking continues to change and evolves, marketers can still use them to draw readers and audience members while displaying a sense of endorsements from the websites they are able to gain links from.