Is it Possible to do Black Hat SEO the White Hat Way?

Sep 5, 2013

The mere thought of black hat search engine optimization techniques can send even the most seasoned marketer or business owner into a rage. But despite the fear of retribution and damaged rankings, understanding black hat SEO and how it works can actually offer white hat SEO guru’s information about improving their own efforts and, in turn, improving site ranking and traffic.

Black Hat SEO the White Hat Way

What is Black Hat Search Engine Optimization?

Knowing what makes certain search engine optimization techniques “black hat” can help reveal why such methods are frowned upon by marketers and search engines alike. Some fears are spawned by the serious repercussions associated with black hat SEO and the negative results that businesses may experience because of their role in partaking in such techniques. Being banned or black listed from major search engines, like Google, can really affect the bottom line for many businesses, especially as consumers increasingly turn to the internet to research and find businesses, services, products and solutions.

Take Advantage of Domains with a History

While, in the past, some businesses and marketers sought domains that were still tied to links, capitalizing on the link juice and power of the historic domain, marketers can use the idea associated with historic domains and use them without fear of retribution. Seeking domains that fit within one’s niche and industry and carry relevant weight can be a great way to help give a new website a boost. In contrast with the black hat version of this technique, redirecting such domains in order to manipulate search engines may not be advisable, but using the idea behind historic domains can actually be a great (and white hat) technique that can boost results.

Comments vs. Spam

The black hat technique of spamming various websites, blogs and articles in the hope of driving traffic and gaining links is not as effective as it may have formerly appeared. But despite the spamminess associated with commenting, taking the idea and capitalizing on all it has to offer can actually be a great way to improve one’s rankings in a natural manner. Offering well-thought-out ideas and comments along with relevant links that expand upon one’s idea can actually drive traffic and create interest surrounding one’s business. In addition, offering relevant information linked to associated opportunity can create more traffic and business rather than merely tricking readers into clicking a link or gaining links from articles that have little to do with one’s business.

Irrelevant Back Linking

Although one popular tactic in the past consisted of submitted one’s business to mass listings that, in turn, offered links to a website, the idea, on a smaller scale can be a helpful tool for those looking for relevant back links. While quality links have overtaken the power of seeking a high volume of links, looking for directories that are related to one’s industry can provide powerful links that offer authority and signal to major search engines that a business is thriving and tied to that specific industry.

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