Instagram Adds Video Service

Jun 25, 2013

News of Instagram’s introduction of video, which is set to combat Twitter’s recent release of Vine has rocked the social media world. But while Instagram’s adoption of video has created a digital flutter, it also offers social media and digital users competition to choose from.

Competition in any industry can be a positive thing, prompting continued improvement in order to stay up on the latest advancements. And while the introduction of video on Instagram seems to be a direct competitor with Vine video, there are also several features that are already popular among the photo sharing social media outlet that make the video feature even more attractive and buzz worthy.

instagram versus vine

Instagram Video Length

Some of the up and coming social media outlets boast limits on the number of characters and the amount of information that can be shared. This feature is perfect for the social media user on the go, looking to consume and share information in the short time frame available to them and with increasingly short attention spans. With limited characters also comes the introduction of limited video lengths. Instagram’s video length is limited to 15 seconds: just long enough to share valuable information and longer than video introduced for Twitter’s somewhat similar service.

Sharing Capabilities

Social media is not limited to merely the big players in the industry. Instead, users are beginning to adopt various other social media outlets that have begun to see increases in users and sharing. Instagram video allows users to share their creative efforts with multiple social media platforms, such as Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr, in addition to Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to the length and sharing capabilities of Instagram’s new video feature, the filters that have made the photo sharing social media outlet so popular are also making the video features a popular idea among social media’s front-runners.

Although Instagram’s introduction of video sharing among its current services is gaining attention as an alternative form of competition to the newly release Twitter Vine, many users who are already currently using Instagram for photo sharing see the benefits in using a service they already consumer. Though some critics and social media experts highlight the differences in the services as methods that separate or provoke different types of creative content, others highlight the ease of use, size limitations and ease of consumption as factors that will separate video sharing among social media outlets.

Despite the differences between Instagram and Twitter video sharing, one thing is for sure, bite sized videos allow for outside-the-box content creation that improves and transforms the way marketers, companies and individuals alike create and consume. Additionally, it allows brands the opportunity to continue developing interesting content that piques the interest of consumers in a methods that meets their needs for simple, easy and quick information, ideas and messages.