Improving Social Media Engagement Methods

Jan 8, 2013

Social media engagement involves acquiring users to follow or tune into individual’s or business’ profile and posts. Whatever the goal may be, there are many different strategies that people or organizations use to improve and increase their number of followers.

Because there is a multitude of organizations all vying for more followers, it is difficult to come up with a plan that differs from what the competitors are doing. However, a the basic rule of thumb is to frequently review and analyze the organizations’ or individuals’ social metrics and strategy. Some relevant information includes finding the ideal time for seasonal campaigns, posting strategies, the best formats, the best social platform, and the most ideal posting frequency.

social media

All of this can be determined by how many more followers sign up because of the posts. The ideal time for posting content may be the time that most buyers are online looking through their updates. If the forum has a “like” or “favorite” feature, individuals or companies can examine the number of likes or favorites that certain posts receive. The best platform is the website the individual or organization has a greater following or community. Although it is a good idea to improve social media engagement, the majority of time should be spent on the social channel that the organization is most successful in but increasing the following on low performing channels is greatly recommended. Posting frequency may be too high or too low if there is no increase in followers below or above a certain point.

Second, the individual or organization should stay listen to their audience. This includes paying close attention to the personality of their followers as well as finding the right tone or content the audience prefers.

Third, individuals and organizations need to use their comments. The comments are a direct response to the social data that the individual or organization produces. As a result, individuals and companies can learn what appeals most to the general population or their target audience.

Fourth, account holders need to know and understand the language in terms of keywords and use of SEO. Understanding the audience helps with knowing what keywords and phrases will benefit the brand the most.

Social networking can improve a business’s return on investment and even increase sales if the business utilizes the correct strategies. Thus, it is in the organization’s best interest to research and analyze the best methods to improve social media engagement, as well to implement some sort of listening software to learn what positive or negative things are being made about your brand.