How Will Valentine’s Day Emotions Influence Content?

Feb 8, 2013

Valentine's-Day-contentThe great day of love is upcoming and Cupid’s arrow will hit many as they cheerfully share their lover’s gifts via social media postings of pictures of chocolates, gift cards, balloons, marriage proposals, and other displays of love. The content of the internet will be abuzz with news of older couples with advice on how to keep the love fresh and alive in a 50 year marriage. You will see shared photos on Facebook about the power of love and how soul mates meet.

The growing usage of social media allows companies to see and understand what their consumers are looking for. The advent of more advanced technologies such as Facebook’s new graph system and other digitally intelligent reporting allow for companies and brands to see what is trending. The companies with the budget will follow suit and begin to post and create a buzz, while some companies have already planned out their whole marketing year and will attempt to be the creators of the internet buzz. Either way, this emotionally driven day will have many clicking Like and Share.

Valentine’s Day promotions and content have already begun. Providing entertaining and emotionally charged photos with cute captions and great story lines will lead the path to feel emotional engagement between the business and the audience. The unexpected has begun to be shared with stories related to soldiers, dogs, and of course, the age-old love story and how to make it last.

content-marketingEvery year Valentine’s Day promotes love and unity, so this year big brands will utilize content for the opposite emotion, which is dislike. These bold companies will appeal to an audience whom is single or alone for Valentine’s Day. That brand or company may joke or attack Cupid. Not everyone is in love with the idea of love on February 14th, so they will willingly chime in and click-through to see posts and pictures of disgust with the holiday. For example, creating an interesting photo caption entitled “Top 10 Things I Hate About Valentine’s Day” will definitely get an audience typing quickly to respond. Taking advantage of the emotion of disgust shows an understanding of the power of Valentine’s Day emotions.

The content of Valentine’s Day will go will go to the company or brand that understands how to command their audiences emotions. Big brands will most likely go for endearing pictures and inspirational items instead of creating an antagonistic attitude against the holiday. Bolder brands will likely utilize the other end of the spectrum of emotions and declare the day to be a day against relationship love and win the attention of their type of audience. Brands and companies understanding that they must command an emotion from their audience will reign supreme this Valentine’s Day, which leads to more audience engagement and sales.