How to Use Online Surveys as a Link Building Tool

Dec 20, 2013

online survey link buildingLink building is one of the key components of SEO that must be accomplished in order for your website to obtain a higher search ranking on Google and other search engines. But the way in which you go about link building is just as important, if not more so, than linking in the first place. For instance, if you simply go to different blogs and leave comments saying “go to my website” with a link, that’s not going to help you. In fact, that’s seen as “spam” by search engines, and it could actually hurt your ranking. But finding ways to link build without using unethical SEO tactics can be difficult. Fortunately, surveys are one great way to up your links in a responsible and ethical manner. Below are some ideas to help you create effective surveys that act as link building tools, as well.

Make it Relevant

As with every other area of SEO, it’s crucial that you make your survey relevant to your product, your customer, and your business as a whole. For instance, if you sell flowers, you could create a survey that asks survey takers for which holiday they are most likely to send flowers to a loved one. Not only does that help you gain information that you can use in your sales process, but you can add a link to that survey that takes people back to your website, since you’re the one that created the survey. It works a bit like interactive content marketing.

Make it Short

People these days are short on time. They skim headlines, shop online from mobile devices, and patronize fast food restaurants in droves. If you want to make sure your survey takers stay through the whole survey, make it no longer than five questions. Any more than that, and people will start to lose interest. A single question survey can be a great way to pique the interest of prospects, allow customers to interact with you, and create a link to your site.

Interlink With Surveys

Another thing you can do is interlink with surveys. For instance, if you want to have a survey on your main page and link to your “Products” page, you can do that, as well. It’s not quite as effective for SEO purposes as having inbound links to your site, but it’s still a way to link build, and interlinking is still important.

Links That Lead

Instead of having a link to your site in the actual survey, another way you can go about it is to have a link on a few other sites that leads to a survey posted on your website. For instance, you could post on social media “Have a spare minute? Click here to take a one question survey!” You could offer to pick a winner and offer a small prize or a discount in your store to encourage people to click, and since social media is being seen more and more as an indicator of a high quality website by search engines, you’re helping your SEO in more ways than one.

Using any of the above methods and tips to create a survey that links to your site or within your site can help you improve your SEO ranking. It’s a great way to get to know your customers and prospects, obtain information for your marketing program, and build links, all leading to increased traffic, a higher conversion rate, and a better placement on search engine results.