How to Tailor Your Social Media Posts For the Holiday Season

Dec 6, 2013

The holiday season is a great time for retailers, as you can tailor your marketing to selling holiday items, offering holiday deals, and capitalizing on the Christmas spirit to draw customers in. But your social media posts should be relevant to the holiday season, as well, as social media has a lot to do with customer interaction and marketing. By focusing on gift shoppers, having well-timed posts and deals, offering variety, and being concise, you can tailor your social media posts to holiday shoppers and drive sales.

Focus on Holiday Gifts, Not Holiday Items

holiday social media campaignUnless you’re a year-round Christmas store owner, you offer light hanging services, you operate a tree farm, or engage in other such businesses, don’t focus so much on selling Christmas items as you do selling Christmas and holiday gifts. Decorations will sell themselves, so focus your sales, discounts, and marketing efforts on items that people will purchase as gifts. Most people give gifts that can be used year-round, so promote those items via social media and you’ll be able to draw in more traffic.

Start Early

Many people start their holiday shopping early, and it seems that stores are opening earlier, staying open later, and offering deals sooner in the year. By offering your deals sooner rather than later, you can stand out from the almost-out-of-time marketing frenzy that occurs mid-December and gain customers that are shopping before hand.

Offer Variety

When you promote your items via social media, you’ll want to post a variety of different types of updates. You should promote different types of items, from stocking stuffers to large items, and children’s products to diamond rings. Whatever you have in stock, promote it.

Engage Your Followers

If your social media stream looks like a running list of deals, it becomes too salesy and not personable at all. This is, after all, social media not sales media. So be sure to post and ask questions, as well, like “What’s on your list this year?” or “Where are you shopping from?”. Not only does this help you interact with your customers, but you obtain valuable information about your demographic, as well, helping you tailor your product offering.

Be Shareable

The main thing to remember on social media is that your goal is not merely to offer deals or communicate with your followers and fans. The overall point is to create content that people will share. During the holiday season, this becomes particularly important, because you want as many people as possible to know about your website, your products, and what you can offer them during the Christmas season. Focus on making shopping easier for your customers, and show them you really care about their shopping experience. This will set you apart from the crowd, and help you create a social media stream that engages your visitors through the holiday season and beyond.