How to Promote and Monetize Mobile Apps

Oct 10, 2013

The power of mobile advertising and its role in the marketing plans of brands and companies is continuing to make itself evident in the number of consumers using mobile devices and the ability of marketers to target these users. But despite the evidence surrounding the importance of mobile advertising, knowing where to turn and which steps to take to kick off a plan can be more difficult to actually implement and understand among the plethora or mobile advertising outlets and options. mobile applications are becoming more and more important to companies as a method of offering something useful to their clients and potential consumers while promoting industry awareness and status as a front runner. Although mobile applications can be a valuable part of one’s overall digital marketing mix, knowing how to promote the use of an application can be a chore in and of itself.

Create Awareness From the Jump

Just like anything other offering, product or service, if consumers are unaware of the availability of a mobile application, its presence may be obsolete no matter how creative, effective or powerful the application is. Creating awareness before the application even launches is a vital component of promoting new mobile applications and creating a buzz surrounding the offering available. Highlighting the availability of a new application takes the efforts of other marketing avenues. Using one’s website, social media, blogger and media outreach, press releases and other methods of driving traffic to a splash page or informative page describing and pushing a mobile application can be a great way to create a small buzz surrounding a launch before the product is even available.

Show Samples and Sneak Peeks

One of the best ways to get potential users an idea of what they can possibly use a proposed mobile application for is by offering small glimpses of the mobile application in question and allowing them to try small portions for themselves. Positive experiences with application prior to a launch can help create a small or even large and powerful word of mouth campaign that can easily snowball online and among mobile application user reviews.

Test Mobile Applications on Beta Users

Not only is testing one’s mobile application an important part of insuring that the product is working as intended and resulting in satisfied consumers, it can also help promote the application in and of itself. The use of beta testers often requires the help and testing of mobile users who are front runners as technological consumers: a group of people who, if won over by marketers, can be a powerful way to promote a product through word of mouth, blogging and social media. In addition, the use of beta testers can help marketers and businesses owners gain a clear idea of what testers found most attractive about their mobile application, offering valuable advertising feedback in addition to product feedback.

Despite the importance of mobile applications and their role in a digital marketing plan, the time and money required to produce a product that is useful and necessary for consumers makes the consideration of making consumers aware of its existence even more important. Without proper advertising and marketing of the application itself, its value as a way to keep a company at the top of consumers minds while highlighting industry authority is useless. But with the proper preparation, testing and promotion, helping consumers see the value of one’s application can be extremely beneficial.