How to Out Rank the Competition with Multiple Business Listings

Aug 8, 2013

The importance of location in relationship to local keyword ranking has made it increasingly more difficult for businesses looking to rank for nearby geographic regions where their business may not be located but offers services. Because of the strong ties search engines place on the locations listed on an online directory listing, assuming businesses in exact areas are more relevant to searchers, with the growth of mobile search and GPS, ranking for locations surrounding can be difficult, although not impossible. Knowing how business listings work can make it easier for businesses to comprehend how to rank their business with multiple listings among their competition, therefore, driving traffic to their site and improving search engine optimization.

Why Are Listings Important?

multiple locations SEOBecause of the placement of listings in search results, optimizing for local keywords by taking advantage of local directories can be a vital component in drawing specific, geographic traffic to one’s website. While it’s not always possible to change one’s physical location, the proximity of a business in relation to where people are when they search is becoming more and more important to the results displayed by search engines like Google. Because of the importance of location is regards to results, keeping in mind the proximity of a desired audience when selecting a location, if possible, can help with online search results.

Fine Tune Your Website

One aspect that marketers are finding can be beneficial to businesses using multiple listings for multiple locations is having a specific page or sub-domain that can be linked to. On such a page, optimizing for the specific geographic location can be important. Whether locations are close in proximity to one another or spread across the nation, utilizing an optimized page to promote the location linked on a listing is vital to ranking for that location.

Fully Optimize Every Single Listing

Optimizing one’s website can often rise to the forefront, taking precedence over other aspects of driving traffic and visitors. But despite the importance of on-site optimization, making sure business listings are providing the best impression of one’s business and website can be vital in a marketing world where link building and first impressions can make or break a website. Filling listings with quality, relevant images, video and business information signals to consumers that a business wants to offer them quality information and may separate one business from the next by creating interest and establishing oneself as an industry authority.

Encourage Reviewing and Feedback

In addition to optimizing business and contact information displayed on a directory listing, encouraging reviews from previous clients and consumers not only sends signals of relevancy to major search engines while giving potential clients more trust and peace of mind when selecting a product or service. Asking happy customers to review different locations and listings can help give those specific listings a boost among the search engines while filling them with information that is useful to potential and previous clients alike.