How to Mine Social Media Data to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Mar 13, 2013

The one thing that many marketers are starting to learn about content marketing is that success doesn’t come from focusing on quantity or quality. Content pays off when it is relevant and valuable to the audience. With that in mind, social media can be used to mine data to find out what kind of content should be created and marketed. Social media is a reliable source to get content ideas from, because it allows marketers to get an inside look into the actual conversations that are happening in their industry.

Social Media Data Mining

Finding Content Ideas with Social Media

There are several ways that marketers can mine social media data and use it to their advantage. The first place to start looking is within their social media accounts. A simple analysis is all that’s needed to reveal which recent posts and Tweets received the most likes and shares. That will provide insight on what topics people are really responding to and what kind of content you can potentially cover.

The second way to mine social data for content development is see what kind of content is being published in the socialsphere. There are several ways to do this. The easiest way is to use sites like Twitter and Pinterest, and search using hashtags. Another way is to use search tools like Social Mention to see what kind of content comes up for a given keyword.

The third way is to study the competition. By going to competitor’s blogs and looking through their articles and posts, marketers can pinpoint which pieces of content are garnering the most response from readers. This can help generate a large number of content ideas that can be used for a content marketing campaign. The best part of doing this is that somebody else has already identified that the content idea is a winner.

Using Social Media to Employ an Actual Strategy

Of course, developing a content strategy is far more than just content ideas. It’s about how content is presented. That’s why marketers should follow the social media activity of their competitors. They should start by tracking what kinds of content they’re posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, their blog and other platforms.

They should also pay attention to the types of content that competitors are using (such as video, infographics, podcasts, etc.), their posting frequency, and their schedule. This will provide valuable insight on what kind of content strategy may work. Not all strategies will work, but studying what competitors are doing will provide ideas for testing.

Tracking social media data and activity can also identify opportunities. For example, marketers can find which topics are trending in their industry and create content on that topic. Marketers can also find a popular piece of content written by an expert in their industry and create a response post. There are many more ways to use social media data to develop a content marketing strategy. It’s all about paying attention to what’s out there and being creative.