How To Increase Your Twitter Followers During Live Events

Mar 22, 2013

The fun of the now-legendary blackout of 2013’s Superbowl wasn’t watching the unprepared commentators try desperately to fill airtime that they hadn’t planned for. Rather, it was watching Twitter explode with jokes, conversation and speculation. Live events are the best time to pick up new Twitter followers, as they have now become an opportunity for thousands of strangers to have a conversation about the same unifying topic. Here are some tips on how you can use live events to your advantage and gain some new Twitter followers.

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  • Use Hashtags – It sounds obvious to those who are already experts in the Twitter-verse, but it’s worth repeating. Beyond just using the obvious hashtags – e.g., #superbowl or #academyawards – add another that is more specific to the event. A Superbowl blackout tweet should have ended with “#blackout” in addition to “#superbowl.” This allows you to be noticed by people searching multiple hashtags, which in turn means more potential followers.
  • Be Funny and Original – Don’t just be a thoughtless re-Tweeter. It’s annoying to watch live Tweets and continuously see the same comment from the same B-list comic over and over again. Be funny and creative on your own. You don’t have to be a professional comedian to amuse a few people, and people are more likely to follow you if they think you’re witty and funny on your own. If you really don’t have a funny bone in your whole body, then go a different route and be thoughtful. Pose questions, or give a sincere opinion on a moment from the event.
  • Engage – Don’t be afraid to jump into conversations with strangers. So many Twitter users act as if Twitter is some fancy party, and it’s only safe to go up and talk to their already-established posse. If someone is using hashtags, it’s safe to say that they are open to strangers reading what they write, and naturally, replying to them. If someone poses a question, answer it. If someone Tweets something hilarious, tell them they’re funny. If you reach out to people they will appreciate it, and they will most likely follow you if the exchange is pleasant.
  • Be Snarky, But Play Nice – People like a little snark. When the blackout happened, it was funny to Tweet, “thanks a lot, Beyonce!,” because she had just performed and her stage show blowing a fuse was the obvious joke. But if a joke feels like it might be too mean, don’t Tweet it. If you Tweet that an Oscar presenter looks hideous in her gown, you’ve just ticked off all of her fans, and you might even lose followers because of it.

Live events are the perfect opportunity to pick up new followers. Remember, this isn’t rocket science. If thousands of people are already talking about the event, don’t be intimidated to jump in. Be original, use the right hashtags, and create conversations with people who Tweet things that are thoughtful and clever.