How To Get The Best Results of Mobile Local Search

Jun 7, 2013

mobile local searchWith the rising popularity of mobile devices and the coinciding need for marketers to meet the needs of where consumers are searching, mobile marketing has become increasingly important. In addition to what consumers are using to search for businesses, information and services, where they are searching is also becoming a vital factor in search results, and, therefore, digital marketing efforts. Understanding the vital relationship between mobile and local searches is much simpler than it seems with clear comprehension of consumer behavior in combination with SEO and SEM updates and transformations.

How Does Local Mobile Work?

Because mobile applications are used for various businesses, services, information portals and products require location services on a phone or mobile device to be turned on, marketers continue to struggle with the use of local and mobile marketing together to produce the most pinpointed services and information for consumers. But while there are hardware issues that prevent many mobile device users from using location services, thus offering marketers a targeted approach, the types of messages used to capture a local audience must be captivating (a fact which is not always adopted by all businesses).

The Power of Geo-Search and Mobile Marketing

Similarly to desktop search, offering a more targeted method of seeking relevant search results is beneficial to consumers and information seekers. But while geo-search has been an important aspect of improved desktop search, its role in mobile search is continuing to evolve as marketers and companies adapt to the changing role of smart phones and tablets, among other mobile devices. Targeting desktop searchers by where they are searching from has proved to be a powerful tool that helps marketers while providing a better search experience for local searchers. Mobile geo-search heightens that offering by pinpointing a searchers exact location and pointing them to relevant information, businesses, products and services.

Search Engines and Social Media

One of search’s biggest giants, Google, has been an important and powerful player in the marriage of search, SEM, SEO and increasing mobile device use. As a result, Google continues to promote and build on the various mobile-friendly services and applications they already have on tap. Additionally, social media offers marketers a targeted method of pinpointing specific consumers, often based on the location of the social media user as noted by profile information, check-ins and other geographic indicators.

Although the relationship between mobile marketing and geo-search is still evolving and experiencing change and marketers and businesses catch up with the rapid rate of mobile device and tablet use, understanding the behaviors, device capabilities and how mobile devices change the way audiences consume messages is a vital component in understanding how to convey the best possible information using the most effective method. Despite the availability of geo-targeted mobile search, understanding the changing consumer behaviors coinciding is just as important as embracing the changing marketing environment.