How to Get Started with Content Marketing

Apr 14, 2013

Content marketing can be a great way to build your online authority, supplement an existing SEO campaign, and build an audience. However, a large number of Internet marketers are unfamiliar with the strategy. They have no idea where to start, what it actually requires, and what kind of plan they need to follow. Here is a quick guide on how to get started with this content marketing.

  • Set Up the Business to Fully Benefit from Content Marketing
  • Using content marketing solely to build links to boost search rankings is a waste. It’s important that it benefits more than one aspect of the business. For example, it should help position a website as an authority on a particular topic, build an audience for the business, and also aim to convert the traffic into sales. So before embarking on a campaign, it’s recommended that the business is set up to take advantage of the opportunities content marketing provides.

    content marketing

  • Research Topics to Create Content Around
  • It’s not a good idea to create content that you “think” your audience will enjoy. The seeds of success lie in creating content around topics that are definite winners. To find good topics, study the conversations that are happening in social media and industry/niche forums. Studying the competition and related blogs is also a good way to find out what topics and what kinds of content are popular.

  • Get the Right People on the Project
  • Make sure the right people are on the right types of content. If the plan is to create an infographic, it’ll require a lot of research, design and the right message. If the plan is to create an interactive tool, it’ll require a programmer or a flash expert. Don’t assume that an individual has the qualifications to successfully create a piece of content. Every piece of content requires different skills, understanding and expertise.

  • Create a Content Marketing Plan
  • Every business needs some kind of plan to follow. There are several things to plan out. Start by listing the types of content and topics that can possible be created. Start with the most promising idea and come up with a schedule for following up with the rest of the ideas. Then, find out the metrics that will be measured and what the primary goals of the content will be.

  • Set Up for Proper Distribution
  • The final piece to content marketing success is distribution. Find out which channels and platforms should be used. To do this, think about how to best reach the target audience. It may be through social media channels such as Pinterest or Google+, or it might be a better idea to build a search campaign to target a trending search term. Some of the strategies that can be used for distribution include guest blogging, press releases, email marketing, viral campaigns and social media engagement.

So those are some of the steps that can be taken to start content marketing. Preparation is essential to building a profitable content marketing campaign. Without it, businesses will end up wasting precious time and money on something that is doomed for failure from the beginning.