How to Generate More Website Traffic with Video

Aug 2, 2013

Producing video, whether extravagant or simple in nature, is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization and garnering visitor attention and interaction. But despite the vital role video has begun to play in encouraging increased web traffic, simply creating video is not enough to truly drive visitors. Instead, the promotion and creative use of video is just as important as the valuable content displayed in creative multimedia.

Video is one of the most popular ways that internet users consume and seek out information and solutions to a vast array of problems and questions. Although video is a popular form of web content that has the potential to draw visitors to a site, encouraging users to choose one produced and promoted by a particular business or company among the hundreds of thousands, even millions of videos bombarding them each day can be difficult.

video SEO

Target One’s Current, Interested Client Base

One of the best ways to use video to nurture more web traffic may be found right under one’s nose: among previous and current consumers who are familiar and interested in a brand or company. Targeting such users in a creative manner can encourage sharing and interaction that may help provoke a video to go viral among those users’ family and friends. Using social media where such clients have already liked and already interact with one’s page places interesting video in front of eyes that have proven their interest already by liking one’s business page.

Tag and Titles Are Powerful

Simply uploading a video to Youtube or Vimeo is not enough to gather views and click-through’s to a website. Instead, tagging and titling videos in a relevant, exciting and mindful manner can help viewer searching for such topics find what they are looking for. Once a video is ready for sharing through social media outlets, tagging links on Twitter, Facebook and other avenues can help social media users find such videos much easier. Tagging video with relevant geographic locations, topics and industry keywords can be helpful when categorizing one’s post and placing video in front of those searching for them.

Produce Relevant, Interesting Content

Video can highlight one’s expertise and authority within an industry, or bore watchers with content that doesn’t meet their needs or keep their interest. Researching the questions that are interesting and important to clients in one’s industry can help provoke ideas for content that actually meets potential consumer needs. Questions that are commonly asked by clients as well as industry news and issues can all be vital in encouraging viewers to click-through or visit one’s website while highlighting knowledge and one’s identity as a front-runner. In addition, creating content based on the specific needs of clientele displays the importance a business places in its target consumers and highlights the importance of their opinions and needs.

  • DJ Rawls

    This is good stuff, very helpful. Thanks

    • Gary Brewer

      Thanks for reading and sharing DJ, video is the #1 converting medium on the web.