How to Earn Links with Social Media

Jul 9, 2013

While it’s obvious that social media is a great way for businesses to establish their identity and highlight their company culture, social media is also a vital component of search engine optimization. Taking advantage of the various methods of sharing and encouraging virality is an important part of utilizing social media and reaping the best possible results that can catapult one’s website, blog posts and messages.

Although social media can play an important role in building links, efforts can often fall flat without dynamic content that teaches, answers questions and meets the needs of those within a target audience.

link building with social media

Spam Vs. Value

The way a business comes off to a social media audience can make or break one’s efforts to share and promote sharing. Businesses and brands that simply share only their own content and offer little value to their target audience may find very little interaction tied to the information they promote. On the other hand, a brand that shares valuable information along with their own content and shares it in such a way that audiences are encouraged to share and interact with those posts, social media users are more likely to trust and share right along side brands. Talking to an audience instead of talking with them and exchanging information can be the difference between coming off as a spammer and highlighting knowledge and accessibility.

Tailor Web Content

All content is not created equal. Instead, certain social media users taking advantage of certain outlets may have different needs and different criteria regarding the information they share, repost and interact with. For example, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook users may all use various outlets for various things, making it important for content writers and creators to develop ideas that best utilize each diverse social media outlet.

Quality Content Rules

Content is always a priority for businesses owners, managers and marketers looking to improve their search ranking and drive traffic to a website. But while quality, fresh, exciting content is important to keeping readers entertained and filling whatever void they may have, creative promotion is miniscule in comparison with exemplifying authority and creativity. Promoting content but failing to meet the needs of an audience will not provoke shares and keep readers coming back for information in the future.

In addition to creating quality content and promoting it in a creative way that sparks interest, interacting with others can also separate a business from shameless spammers filling social media sites. By showing that a business or representatives are interested in other related groups and information provided, audience members will feel more comfortable sharing information and interacting with a business’ future posts.

The value of information shared is so important to differentiated oneself from other businesses and continuing to encourage interaction and sharing now and in the future. By developing content and displaying information that is trustworthy and draws audience members in, while also interacting with others, businesses and marketers can establish a loyal community that continues to return to the sources for related information while referring others.