How to Build Links Using Google+ Communities and LinkedIn Groups

Jul 22, 2013

Although the point of link building using social media may be to improve search engine optimization efforts, link building with LInkedIn groups of Google+ Communities can also be a great way to boost traffic, an end result that every business owner and marketer desires.

As one of the fastest growing social media outlets that appeals to a specific audience, LinkedIn is quickly moving up the list of places businesses and marketers desire quality links. In addition, nurturing relationships with other professionals can make information, articles, blog posts and comments more interesting to other users and help posts appear less spammy than if companies and LinkedIn members merely post only information that promotes themselves.

linkedin groups

Join Quality, Relevant Groups

Joining groups one is informative about and which is related to one’s industry can help build relevant links that are more useful to users, therefore driving more traffic, while also highlighting a company, business or thought leader as an authority in a field or topic. The greater level of trust associated between a user or company and a topic, the more interaction and traffic comments and links will provoke.

After joining relevant groups related to the topics and information on one’s website or within blog posts and articles, joining discussions is vital to interacting with the posts others links in order to encourage relationships and interaction with your information and posts.

Google+ Communities and Quality Content

Like LInkedIn, the value of one’s posts, links and information provided on Google+ becomes increasingly relevant and powerful when shared by sources, businesses and users which others users and followers trust. As a result, nurturing relationships on Google+ is as important as linking information, posts and information on websites.

Google+ communities

Create a Front Runner Status With Quality Groups and Communities

While interacting with other groups and communities on social media outlets can help promote oneself as a thought leader and authority, while encouraging relationships and building natural links, creating one’s own groups can also be a valuable tool for marketers and business owners alike.

Creating communities and groups that relate to one’s industry and ideas not only allows for natural, quality link building, it also allows the creator to maintain information and designate the rules of the group, which can prevent negativity and spam. Additionally, group creation allows owners of the community to send mass emails to those within the group. While group creation can require quality content, interaction and long-term encouragement to result in quality links and traffic, it can often be worth the hard work and time involved.

Using groups and communities to target specific audiences and users can help provide them with pinpointed information that they may be searching for, which often result in a boost in the relevant visitors since many such users are searching for information and answers on the specific topic or regarding that unique industry.