How Relationship Building is Replacing Link Building

Apr 4, 2013

In the past, Internet marketers focused on link building to drive traffic to their website and to improve their SEO rankings. While link building is still an important part of the SEO formula, search engines are now focusing more on websites that have built strong relationships with web surfers through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Internet marketers know just how careful you must be when you are link building.

In a world where page rank is changing constantly, you can no longer purchase links to point to your website and get a better rank overnight. The change in ranking assessments is beneficial to searchers because more organic relevant results are ranking at the top of a page, but since the engines are focusing on authority and relevance, more sites are starting to show they are relevant through relationship building.

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It is All about Being a Member of the Virtual Community

Just a few years ago, search engines did not include social media content in the formula to determine how relevant a site was based on a specific set of keywords. Now, with social media becoming the premier place for web surfers to share their information, the search engines are focusing on ranking websites based on their participation in the virtual, real-time community.

The great thing about becoming a member of social media communities is that you can post small snippets of information the is relevant to a targeted market who will want to know more. By pointing your followers and fans in the social media community to your website that contains the beef of the content, you will be able to improve your traffic with visitors who have a genuine interest and are more likely to convert. This will ultimately improve your site’s statistics and will rank your site as more relevant.

You Do Not Need a Link Building Strategy Because Relationship Building Does the Link Building For You

When you do link building right by today’s standards, you need contact webmasters to ask them to link to your site and create a strategy where you can do a link exchange. You also have to worry about whether or not your link will disappear in the long-term. More and more site owners are focusing on relationship building because this strategy will do your link building for you. When you share content, you can hear what people have to say and encourage your followers to share your content too. Consumers want to see businesses that communicate a message in a casual way, and social media is the platform where businesses can do this while still focusing on their Internet marketing efforts.

Improving search engine rankings is all about being natural and organic, and the best place to be natural is in a social media community. You cannot expect to pay for good rankings and post links to random sites to increase traffic. By building relationships, you will also be building links and improving your rank.