How Identify Low Hanging Fruit for Link Building

Jun 14, 2013

It’s no secret that taking advantage of one’s strengths in contrast to building from scratch, can be a valuable tool for marketers and webmasters alike. Building on the digital marketing efforts that comprise one’s strengths is vital to improving search engine optimization efforts and overcoming some of the challenges that can create road blocks for websites and those working hard to improve them.

Taking advantage of one’s current ranking and status among the major search engines can be a better use of resources and effort than aiming for overwhelming developments and improvement on keywords and content which are more difficult.

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Easy Link Building: Is it Worth It?

Building links for a website can be a time-consuming process that requires creativity and effort in order to truly be a valuable asset to one’s search engine optimization methods. While the “low hanging fruit” or easier to obtain links are valuable to a site when first gaining leeway among the search engine rankings, it cannot be the only link building effort one makes over the long haul. In contrast, other methods of link building that can be more difficult and require more thought in order to see viable results.

What Kinds of Links Make Up “Low Hanging Fruit?”

Although more easily attainable links may be more easily gained, they still push quality traffic to a site, adding credibility and authority. Links that do not provide high quality traffic and authority are not worth the effort, no matter how easy they are to build. Instead, those types of links may even potentially have detrimental effects on a website and one’s search engine optimization efforts.

The Basics of Easy Link Building

Although a business or marketer may be looking to build external links pointing to a specific website in order to gain higher ranking among search engines, looking at one’s own resources is one of the easiest places to locate easily obtainable links. Blogs and other websites can be a great place to begin looking to link, especially if those sites are similarly related, have authority and have more history than the newer website in question.

In addition to looking at one’s internal marketing efforts and businesses, social media can be another easy method of link building that may already be right at one’s fingertips. Linking within one’s profile and sharing information from a new site can be valuable when combined with the high interaction of social media and the ability for quality, highly desired content to go viral, improving link building exponentially.

Places, listings, maps and directories are another low-cost, easily accessible method of link building that merely requires claiming and optimizing listings with business and contact information as well as hours, pictures and video. Additionally, many consumers and searchers use these listings to locate businesses, services and information. As a result, marketers taking advantage of listings and business directories not only create great links from authoritative sources, they may drive quality traffic to a website.