Easy Tips to Create Videos for Search

Oct 15, 2013

Videos are becoming more and more popular, not only as a method of sharing valuable content and ideas but as a way to appeal to search engines, which value video as a vehicle for branding, messaging and conveying information. But while Internet marketers may be well aware of the value of creating video content for their business, product or service, developing a video and getting views and traffic is an entirely different story. In fact, developing ideas for content and creating the videos themselves may be the easiest part of the process of using video to appeal to consumers and clients.

Create Videos for Search

Use Social Media And Online Tools

Youtube gets millions of visitors every single day. As a result, it’s one of the best places to showcase videos, gain views and highlight one’s product, service or message. But while there are an abundance of viewers seeking interesting information and entertaining ideas on websites like Youtube, gaining their attention among the multitude of other businesses and messaging seeking to do the same, can be difficult. Although simply uploading videos to sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo are no magic wand that will boost search engine results automatically, they will help insure videos are indexed by the major search engines, which gives them a better chance of reaching more viewers.

Utilize the Website

Simply uploading video to social and video sharing websites may help boost their chances of receiving views or going viral, but one of the positive aspects of video is its ability to drive website traffic. Embedding video into one’s website can be a great way to use video within the actual website, which often improves the bounce rate of a site and helps improve conversion. Additionally, video allows an interesting avenue for businesses and brands to highlight their authority in a method that is appealing to viewers and website visitors.

Share and Ignite Virality

Creating video and putting it on one’s website and video sharing sites is only half the battle when driving traffic and boosting search engine optimization. Instead, videos, just like other elements of a website, require back links to gain authority. Social media can be a great way to garner shares and boost engagement while improving link building efforts and earning links from sources once visitors share and interact with the information presented in a video.

Tagging Video for Search Engine Optimization

Making sure videos are found in the places that consumers and potential viewers are seeking that particular information is vital to preparing valuable video and making sure it’s actually viewed. Properly optimizing videos is an imperative step to help reveal relevant videos for search terms visitors are seeking. Tagging video on Youtube or Vimeo with relevant keywords that coincide with video and the content within it will help that video show up more often for those keywords when potential viewers are seeking information regarding that specific subject or topic. While it may be tempting to use the most popular and common industry keywords, researching long tail keywords and optimizing video titles and descriptions with them can be a helpful method of boosting views and search results with must lower competition from similar companies and brands.