Does Social Media Help Real Estate Agents Sell Homes?

Sep 19, 2013

While using social media within the real estate industry might not immediately translate into home sales, the branding value, search engine optimization for associated websites and availability in places where audiences frequent make using social media an important part of one’s marketing plan. Although home buyers may not look for homes using social media, the availability of information that can be utilized with resources like Pinterest can offer consumers more ways to shop and research potential homes, which may be an important sticking point that helps them decide to look at a home more closely or pass and keep looking.

Industry Authority and Front-Runner

using social media to sell homes
Offering tips, links to blog posts, sharing and interacting using social media can help real estate companies and agents highlight their knowledge and experience, an advantage which make give them more authority and offer consumers more faith in their services and abilities. As a result, social media can be an important resource for real estate companies and agents alike, as they convey their experience and work to gain the trust of potential buyers. Additionally, social media offers agents and real estate companies a method of staying at the top of consumers minds with regular updates and engagement. Credibility and trust are imperative to the success of a real estate professionals and offering information that lends to that credibility is an important way to gain trust among potential buyers.

Website Traffic and Conversion

Social media might not provoke potential home buyers to make an immediate purchasing decision, but it may help drive traffic to a website, where more information is available that will attract and influence buyers. As a great source of inbound marketing, social media can also be a good way to build links and share web content, including blog posts and new property listings. As a result, not only can social media boost the number of people driven from posts and interactions to a website, but search engine optimization may similarly experience improvement with the sharing of quality content.

Two-Way Communication

Despite the opportunities that social media give real estate companies and agents to share their expertise and knowledge, social media also allows businesses to receive feedback from potential home buyers and consumers. Questions regarding their experience, financing and related topics can help real estate professional develop and create content on their website and published on social media outlets that responds and addresses concerns and questions. By building content and publishing information that relates to the concerns and needs not only highlights one’s knowledge in specific areas, it also displays the desire for a company to listen to potential home buyers and react to what is important to them.

Connecting with Other Professionals and Referral Sources

Although social media is a great place to share information with potential home buyers, it can also be a great way to connect with other professionals, which may also result in increased lead generation and professional relationships. LinkedIn can be a good social media outlet for sharing industry information with other professionals in the same or related industries, thus improving networking efforts and relationships.

  • Kevin Sean Dolan

    I believe there is a greater opportunity with property management/ apartment rentals in social media from what we have experienced thus far, assuming they have an active Twitter presence. It allows for open dialogue which can assist tenants that are more likely to communicate via social. I don’t believe you are going to find a real estate agent via Twitter IMO, it’s too large a purchase.

    • Gary Brewer

      Thanks Kevin, Real Estate is still a belly to belly business but matching buyers to sellers and information gatherers to information seekers can be systemic using the right content platforms and content strategy. QR Codes and Mobile Apps are widely used by Realtors to accelerate time to market.