Do +1’s Help Search Engine Optimization Efforts?

Aug 22, 2013

Do +1’s Impact or Help with SEO?

Since Google has become such a vital player in the search engine optimization game, it is no surprise that the power and impact of Google’s social media interactions comes into questions as marketers search for methods of optimizing websites for clients and businesses. But despite the ties between Google Maps, Google Places and Google+ with other Google efforts, new information has emerged from Google camps, discounting the correlation between a +1 and search engine ranking algorithms. Contrary to popular belief, the Google version of “liking” information, posts, status and business pages has very little, if any impact on how a website ranks among competitors.


What is A +1?

When Google introduced Google+ to the social media world, a +1 not only became a way to like a page or business, it also became a way to agree and promote a status, much like social media counterparts do. But while a status or link or blog posts that receives more +1’s, Google has recently discounted an associated between the signal and ranking higher among search engines.

Social Media Signals and Interaction

Despite the questionable relationship between a +1, Google+ and search engine optimization and rankings, the true value of social media and interactions provoked lies within how audience members view content. Useable, interesting and fresh content will naturally garner more shares and interaction, which may say a lot about how that content will rank among search engines. Blog posts and content that visitors and social media users find valuable may receive more shares, reads, visits and virality, prompting a greater ranking than content which does not appeal to readers and audience members. While social media signals, shares and likes may not directly affect the way content and websites rank among search engines, they may be a sign of what one’s demographic finds interesting and appealing, allowing content creators and marketers to continue tailoring information to meet those needs and desires.

Then Why use +1’s?

google +1
Using a +1 and other social signals to boost search engine optimization may not have a direct effect on where a website ranks. But despite the lacking role a +1 has in improving search engine ranking and placement, they can be a signal to content marketers regarding what they can do differently or should continue doing. Continuing to create content and promote shares, likes and +1’s can help foster a sense of community that nurtures the perception of one’s brand while signaling the importance of content and information to other social media users.

Indirectly, producing content that sparks virality and shares among social media outlets can have an effect on search engine optimization because of increased traffic, page views and reads. While no social media is a magic wand for marketing efforts, requiring hard work, time and planning, social media can provide marketers with positive feedback that can spark additional content ideas and efforts that boost authority and consumer trust.