Common Local Business Listings

Mar 21, 2013

outdated business listingIt’s no secret that local business listings are a vital component of digital marketing and website search engine optimization (SEO). But despite the importance of quality local listings and the utilization of directories and listings, businesses, marketing professionals and company representatives continue to struggle with some of the common pitfalls plaguing local business listings. While there are several common mistakes made when optimizing listings, the good news is, there are several simple fixes that can help improve listings right away. By understanding some of the most commonplace problems associated with local listings, it can be much easier to fix problems and begin taking advantage of all they have to offer in terms of optimization, links and brand awareness.

Inaccurate Addresses and Locations

One of the most problematic situations tied to poor local business listings is inaccuracy of the locations associated, which not only leads potential consumers to the wrong place when in search of product or service but may also reflect disorganization and failure to update accordingly. Businesses don’t always stay in one place. In contrast owners and managers are often on the look out for new, prevalent locations. As a result the addresses, maps and locations listed on a local directory may not reflect accurate information about a business, leading consumers astray and provoking them to choose among competitors displaying correct information.

Missing or Bad Links

Local listings and business directories are becoming an imperative part of website SEO and link building, providing quality, authoritative links to sites while driving increased traffic. When links are broken, inaccurate or do not forward audience members to the correct site, listings fail to perform their duty. In addition to providing and checking the links listed, ensuring they forward to the most relevant place can also help provide more accurate information that relates to what a searcher may be looking for. Take advantage of the option to add links that can drive traffic to websites and landing pages and provide viewers with the most relevant experience related to you company.

Outdated Business Names

In addition to inaccurate addresses, business contact information and poor linking, businesses may transform over time, accepting new names, experiencing buy outs and coming under new ownership. A business that is listed but not recognized by the name listed can keep potential clients and buyers from feeling comfortable with company interaction while confusing audience members and failing to provide branding.

Updating local business listings with accurate information can be as simple as going through several big name listing services (which are often free) and checking and inputting the correct, updated information. By providing the most up to date information regarding a company or service, audience members can be assured that the listing represents a company or business that is progressive and continues to thrive.