Can SEO Best Practices Hurt You

Jul 30, 2013

While business owners and marketers are constantly exposed to the latest marketing fads and practices, which promise a quick climb up the search rank ladder, understanding the importance of best practices can reveal much more about why quality SEO is more than just rising among the ranks.

seo best practices

Best Practices and User Experience

In theory best practices released by major search engines are based on offering searchers and users the best possible experience as they surf and seek the answers to their questions and problems. By offering users a quality search experience with results that meet their needs, search engines are more likely to continue garnering searches from those users. Without quality results, searchers may look elsewhere to uncover a search engine that actually meets their needs. Because of the importance of relevant results, search engines are constantly changing algorithms to insure searchers are not bombarded by irrelevant results that do not meet their needs.

Beating the System of Long Term Failure

Easy ways that seem to help businesses rise to the top of search engine rankings may seem like a great idea. And businesses and companies may actually experience positive traffic and growth as a result of a quick rise. But spammy, black hat tactics can be damaging in the long run, hurting rankings later on and failing to actually keep visitors on a website. Searchers may not be getting to a website or landing page because it meets their needs but rather because they were tricked into visiting. No matter what, failing to convert traffic into actions can be a waste of time that can hurt a business over the long-term.

Quality Content and Sourcing = Quality Experience

Following the best practices recommended by the major search engines not only helps improve search engine optimization, it also provides users with quality, engaging, content that is sourced by authoritative websites. Links from quality websites that can be trusted can be extremely beneficial to businesses looking to garner the faith of their clients and consumers. In addition, fresh, enjoyable content is valuable for keeping readers engaged and highlighting a business or company’s authority as status as an industry front-runner. While all of these SEO elements can improve ranking, they also do a lot to improve the way a consumer sees a business.

Although there are several ways that a web masters, business owner and marketer can improve the way a website ranks on some of the biggest search engines, keeping the experience a user has when visiting is vital to earning their trust and their business. Additionally, over the long-term, following the best practices suggested can prevent serious complications, black listing and tumbles from the top in the future. By continually working on the search engine optimization of a website in a concise legitimate manner, marketers and leaders can offer consumers their best rather than attempting to trick them into viewing a page, offer or article.

  • dougwo

    Good post Gary. How do you balance good customer experience page design with SEO? Don’t some ‘best practices’ make it difficult to create a good customer experience on your page?

    • Gary Brewer

      Doug, you are correct best plan is to make sure audience is relevant, content is relevant to the audience so fans are engaged and sharing, then find high PR links from credible and authoritative sources to link back to the page for the keywords the page has been optimized for. Google will score the page high.

  • Jesse

    Awesome post. I am sharing this one with people.