Best SEO Practices for 2013: Location, Links and Social Media

Apr 18, 2013

Because of the major algorithm updates that rocked 2012, search engine optimization in 2013 has been a hot topic that has produced more responsible, white hat marketing tactics in an effort to prevent some of the detriment that many sites faced after Google Penguin and Panda updates. While it’s obvious what tactics from previous years have sparked business owners and web masters to take greater caution regarding the types of SEO practices they partake, content continues to rule the search engines and quick fixes have faded to the background. Additionally, link farms have made way for legitimate link building through local directories and listings, providing websites with quality links that provide traffic and authority.

SEO Practices in 2013

Creative, sharable Content

It’s been clear to SEO authorities and marketing gurus that content plays a vital role in improving a website’s placement on the major search engines. The importance of content has prompted an influx in blogging, articles and website pages highlighting information and creating a sense of authority among businesses and brands. But while content is imperative to SEO efforts, there are certain factors that can make some content better than others. Content that highlights ideas already available on the web and other sites may not be as appealing to readers and website visitors. In contrast, the more unique content is, the more likely it will be shared, commented on and interacted with, which is becoming more and more important as the year progresses. Regurgitating information and filling articles and posts with fluff that is no more useful to readers than providing no information at all is not as valuable in the eyes of major search engines.

Link Building and Local Directories

As local directories, maps and listings were updated, the way searchers use them also transformed. Additionally, the way those listings are optimized and highlighted among search results also transformed. Local listings optimized and filled with important information not only makes a business look for legitimate, it also helps send signals regarding business activity, to search engine algorithms. In addition, the adoption of authoring helps bring a sense of intimacy to listings, improving their SEO while encouraging web surfers to click-through to a site, thus improving click-through rates and boosting the number of site visitors.

Social Media and SEO Signals

Social media is another way for websites and businesses to share ideas and improving linking. Because of the potential for virality and sharing, social media can help promote the quality, exciting content that readers are searching for. In addition, social media also gives a site authority and lets readers know that a business is progressing with technology and ideas.

As website owners and marketing directors across the nation and the world learned, search engine optimization has no quick fix. Instead, it’s a constantly transforming aspect of digital marketing that requires regular evaluation and the adoption of new, emerging ideas. By learning and using some of the new methods of link building, authoring and taking advantage of local listings to promote a business or company, digital marketers can insure that they are not negatively affected by black hat tactics hit by algorithm updates.