Benefits of Using PR as Part of a Link Building Campaign

Apr 30, 2013

Link building can be a long, tedious process that requires extensive effort over an extended period. But despite the effort required to build quality, legitimate links for a website, press releases can offer one method of driving traffic to a site, improving search engine optimization and adding to link building plans.

PR for Link Building

While there are a number of methods of building quality links that, ultimately, aid a site and improve SEO, press releases are a great option for highlighting expertise, information and branding while linking to web pages and websites. Although press releases can be a quality source of links, there are specific methods that can help web masters and marketing directors get the most from PR.

While it may be obvious to use keywords throughout a news-worthy press release while providing information, announcements and relevant news to readers, followers and potential audience members, using targeted keywords to improve link building methods can also boost the power of PR. Hyperlinking to the prospective web page, that is relevant to the topic, is an important aspect of taking a press release’s link building potential to the next level. Many press release services will allow, for a slightly higher cost or larger investment that packages without the ability to hyperlink.

public relations for link building

Getting the Most From Building A Relationship and Quality Articles

Although the fastest an easiest way to get news coverage is the press release route, the most valuable and is establishing a relationship with media members and bloggers. This is key since every time you or a client has something worthy of being picked up by the media all you have to do is pick up your phone and offer them an exclusive angle that one else will have, including exclusive photo and video. Therefore taking the time to develop a friendship about will be worth more than sending out numerous press releases that may or may not get picked up by your intended target media members.

Submitting quality by-lined articles is another of the most important considerations that can really improve linking ability with public relations. The more engaged readers, likes, shares and interaction with an article, the more powerful the links within the articles and news will be. On the other hand, poorly written articles that do not appeal to readers and are written for the specific purpose of merely linking can have little value. Like other content creation in the form of blogs, web content and articles, press releases can be extremely valuable and appealing to target audience members with the existence of fresh, quality, authoritative, and useful content.

As a link building strategy, new-worthy press releases can be a positive addition to other options, directories, listings, maps and other methods while improving other aspects of search engine optimization, boosting brand awareness and establishing authority.