Avoid Taking Shortcuts for Search Engine Optimization

Apr 23, 2013

In life, the quickest way to an end result is not always the best. The same is true for search engine optimization efforts. There are a multitude of methods that may be much easier, less time-consuming and even less expensive. But despite the countless options revolving around SEO, taking one’s time and investing in the process and results is often much more beneficial over a long period time than even the easiest routes.

More is Not Always Better

With anything that is good, time is often an important determinant. Search engine optimization often requires a lot of time as domains gain authority and age, content builds and natural links are built. But despite the time involved, seeing quick results can be tempting. Over-optimization is a problem that many web masters and marketing directors may be tempted by. The idea of seeing results, lead generation and increased traffic faster is something every web designer and SEO expert wants. But understanding the time involved can help curb the desire to throw everything up at once and over-optimize a page, which can send a signal to search engine algorithms regarding the legitimacy of a site.

avoid seo shortcuts

Remain Balanced

Quality, long-term search engine optimization requires balance between the various avenues involved in creating an overall quality experience for audience members viewing and drawn to a site. Stuffing content with too many keywords, too many un-natural links and updating a site with content that may not be the highest in quality are just some of the factors that can not only cause the search engines to frown. Additionally, visitors may not find such a site useful or helpful in the subject they have been searching. In contrast, bounce rates, page visits and time spent on a site may suffer.

The Painful Results of Short Cuts

Many companies and business people putting their trust in marketing consultants and search engine optimization gurus have been hurt by promises of quick results. But such false promises of page one rankings in mere days, weeks or months can often be one of the best indicators that a company or SEO manager may not be using white-hat efforts. In contract, black-hat SEO tactics may promote quick results but, over the long-term, can have serious repercussions for a web site or business, overshadowing quality offerings, content and information that readers may actually find useful.

For those businesses looking for short-term results as page rankings increase with more time-consuming white hat SEO tactics, pay-per-click campaigns can be a good way to aid a site. While clicks may not be congruent with organic traffic, it can be a positive alternative that drives traffic while taking the time to complete SEO methods in a way that will result in long-term traffic and ranking.