Are You Wasting Your Time on Social Media?

Jul 12, 2013

The social media boom has obviously changed the way marketers and business owners relate and share with clients as well as integrating itself into search engine optimization efforts. But despite the importance of social media, it is no cure-all. In fact, social media is no magic wand among marketing tools. Instead, when used properly social media should actually be an extension of communication with clients and potential consumers, giving consumers as much of a voice and sense of community as it does allowing businesses to share themselves.

The mistake many businesses make with social media is using it in a similar manner as they may use traditional media channels: to convey a message to potential clients. But in contrast, social media is actually an invaluable tool that makes it possible for businesses and companies to learn from their audience base just as much or more than they convey information.

is social media a waste of time

Creating a Culture Among One’s Brand

Consumers are bombarded day and night with messages from companies, brands and those with motives behind the materials and information they publish. But what makes social media so valuable, yet can also make social media efforts fail miserably, is the ability of companies to highlight who they really are. Visitors and social media users can spot insincerity and in authenticity from a mile away, making uncovering one’s story and true identity as important as sharing that story and provoking a sense of sharing, interaction and community.

The True Purpose Behind Social Media

Social media may not be the magic wand that can automatically draw more business and increase profits. What social media can do for businesses, large and small, is provide them with an opportunity to share who they are, highlight their company culture and create a sense of community where consumers and audience members feel as comfortable sharing their own stories while uncovering positive, information and problem solving content and ideas.

While technical aspects and how-to’s may highlight how to grasp an audience’s attention and gather more interactions and shares while drawing increased traffic to content and websites, the true value of social media lies in the ability to gain the trust and faith of audience members among the spam and collage of information that can mask and overwhelm one’s message, no matter how powerful. Constant and consistency can help create a sense of authority while gathering information and encouraging sharing among audience members can exemplify a business’ desire to learn from consumers rather than merely feed them a message and sell them a product.

With constant nurturing and interaction, social media can be a positive and valuable tool in SEO efforts. But much more than simply invoking shares and likes, social media can create a sense of community and loyalty that is associated with a brand, company, product or service.