5 Tips to Make Your Video SEO Campaign a Success

Jan 11, 2013

As video continues to leap-frog content in the SERPs it is vital that companies understand the importance of using video to ensure they are getting multiple listings in the universal listings. Here are five tips to increase your video SEO campaign or just the ranking of your published videos.

  1. Where to Host Your Video
  2. In the world of SEO, there are two types of content: on-page and off-page. Each content can benefit your search engine rankings and drive traffic. When it comes to a video campaign, you need to decide if you want the content to be hosted on-page or off-page. You should host your video on your own site if your goal is to bring customers to your site, however, if your goal is to have views to promote a product to a larger audience, using a third-party host like YouTube will be more effective.

  3. Your Title is Key
  4. You know all about keywords, but when you are developing a video campaign your title is key. You should always include keywords in the title in a user-friendly way. You do not have to start stuffing keywords into the title just to optimize the content. In fact, this can hinder your efforts. Choose the most important keyword, make sure the title makes sense, and make the title entice your audience to click-through and watch.

  5. Sitemaps Should Include Video
  6. If you choose to host your own video to get more traffic on your site, make sure that the search engines can find the video content. When you fail to index the video content with a description, the search engines will completely ignore your video when ranking your page. Do not let your efforts go in vain and create a video sitemap that tells the search engines what your video files about so they are indexed in search results.

  7. Short and Sweet
  8. Consumers are looking for information that is to the point. If you are doing an instructional video, keep it under 10 minutes. If you have a lot of information to cover, make it so that you can divide the content up into short segments and make a web series that will help you optimize your page even more when indexed right.

  9. Transcripts
  10. Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not use real people to scrub websites. These search engines use spiders that scour the web to search through content. Unfortunately, these spiders cannot watch a video and understand its content. Because of this, when you are using a third-party host, be sure to submit a transcript with the video upload so that the spiders know what the content is all about.

See this example of one doctor using video to reach his target audience effectively.

If you want to educate your prospects, promote a new product, expand your limited reach, increase overall sales, or drive traffic to your website, a video SEO campaign is a perfect start. With unique topics and videos that capture your audience’s attention, you can drive traffic from the video and also on the search engines.