5 SEO Tactics You Should Avoid

Apr 10, 2013

Many people are aware of SEO; however, not every individual knows how to handle such an option. If a person wishes for a website to stand out on the Internet, it is crucial to use SEO in a proper manner. The information below may help.

  • Do Not Spam Blogs and Forums
  • If a person wishes to garner attention for a website, it is a dreadful idea to spam blogs and forums. It does not matter if the website has useful content and an attractive layout if people refuse to visit. People may be so annoyed that they may tell loved ones to avoid the website and find something else in the long run. It is vital not to push a website too much as people may come to hate the website.


  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing
  • People who want to use SEO should stay away from the overuse of keywords. Some people believe that it is an excellent idea to place several keywords in one sentence; however, if a person chooses to go down this road, he or she may suffer consequences. Search engines may punish the website for spamming, and people may not take the website seriously. A person may wish to use one or two keywords in the course of a paragraph and leave it alone. He or she should be aware of the fact that overuse of keywords may only lead to drama.

  • Avoid Spam Bloging
  • Every business or individual with a blog should strive to create quality content, failing to do will impede your website from ranking for desired keywords. One should ensure that he or she provides information that a potential client or customer may find useful and written well. He or she should choose content that fits the theme of the blog and does not seem to be out of place, plus avoid the ABS “Always be Selling” model.

  • Do Not Buy an Affiliation
  • An affiliation may be a convenient option, but a person should use caution with the situation. A person should not pay to be affiliated with another website. This is not a method that guarantees results, and a person may waste money in the long run.

  • Do Not Create Vague Banners
  • A number of businesses use banners that do not properly convey the nature of the website. The people in charge may assume that a vague linking banner will tempt people to click and find out more. All banners used to advertise the business should be clear and easy to read.

SEO is a suitable solution for gaining notoriety on the Internet. However, some people use SEO in a poor manner. This may lead to consequences and loss of profits in the long run. The information above may help a person or business reach a decision and make calculated moves.