5 Internet Marketing Myths

Feb 21, 2013

Since the Internet first became a consumer product, businesses have been marketing items over the web. This has led to many useful ideas that are routinely used in Internet Marketing. It has also led to many myths and half-truths. These myths are so common that professionals all over the world think they are true. The following shows what five of these myths are and how they can be avoided.

  1. Traffic Always Translate to Profit
  2. This is an idea that is embedded in the minds of many Internet marketing concepts. However, it isn’t necessarily true. A site that receives many hits may seem popular, but this won’t always translate in to money earned. A good way to turn hits in to profit is by engaging the customer on different levels so he wants to support the business. A well-designed website that features positive employees and an active community can help turn hits in to profit.

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  3. Internet Marketing Doesn’t need Real World Experience
  4. Marketing on the internet isn’t the same as marketing on TV, in a magazine, or in a newspaper. However, this doesn’t mean that real world marketing skills can’t be used. Marketing skills are valuable no matter what the industry. If a person is good at writing copy and creating ad campaigns, it won’t take much for this person to learn how to market on the Internet.

  5. A Business Needs to be Top Ranked on Google to Succeed
  6. Just because a business isn’t on the first page of Google doesn’t mean it is unsuccessful. There are many ways to get users to the website without having a high Google rank. There is no clear path to obtaining a high page rank on Google, since their algorithm is constantly in flux. A business that uses Internet marketing shouldn’t let worries about their Google page rank stifle future internet growth.

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  7. Social Media is Easy
  8. This is one of the most common myths in Internet Marketing. The idea that an account can be created on a social media platform and lead to instant success is wrong. The same work that goes in to attracting customers to a website must be put in to every social media outlet. Social Media is a tool and an extension of the business. Using the Social Media tools aren’t always easy, but it is worth the time and effort needed to master them.

  9. A Poorly made Website is Just as Good as a Well Designed one
  10. The idea that any website is a good website isn’t the truth. For costumers to frequent a business and marketing site, it must be well designed. The design should include easy navigation, a reason for the costumer to be there, and a unique appearance.