3 Reasons Why Remarketing is Effective

Sep 18, 2013

One of the greatest challenges marketers and businesses face is targeting their audience in a pinpointed manner and enduring the message they’ve diligently created for them actually reaches their targeted audience. The prevalence of messages that bombard consumers online as well as throughout their every day walks can make targeting ads to one’s audience more difficult than it seems at times. Remarketing is one way marketers are effectively targeting and reaching their audience, whom they already know have an interest in the subject matter, product or service at one time. Understanding why remarketing is effective can help reveal more about how to best utilize it in order to get the most out of one’s marketing budget while reaching their audience effectively.

Remarketing Boosts Conversion

3 Reasons Why Remarketing is Effective
Because of the array of advertisements, products and messages that are constantly in the faces of audience members, simply getting them to click-through or visit one’s website once may not be enough to drive them to make a buying decision. Instead, many consumers actually shop products, visit websites and research reviews for some time before they actually decide on a product. Reminding consumers who have already visited a site or click-through on an advertisement, about a product, service or one’s brand can help maintain awareness, even as they search the web for other options or get distracted with other online activities. Remarketing serves as a reminder to consumers about a product or brand, a reminder that is often necessary to help brands and offerings emerge among the competition and breakthrough the clutter.

Remarketing Can Be Extremely Targeted

One of the most amazing things about remarketing is just how targeted such advertisements can be. Consumers who are shopping specific products can be re-shown and targeted to with those same products. While remarketing serves as a reminder and creates awareness, it can also be enticing for consumers who may be considering a product or service that is very specific.

Remarketing is Cost Efficient

Despite the positive aspects associated with showing a message to an audience that has already expressed an interest in a product, many marketers are also drawn to remarketing because of how cost-effective it is in contrast with other online marketing alternatives. While the conversion rate for remarketing can be much higher than other types of online advertising, such as pay-per-click, it is much cheaper for many businesses to run remarketing campaigns. While planning and tracking are important, just as they are in other advertising tactics, meeting the needs of audience members with a concise message that captures their attention can be much easier when they are much more targeted through remarketing efforts. It may be difficult to meet the needs of all audience members searching for general clothing. But after remarketing to a consumer seeking a specific item of clothing, such as a dress, marketers can more easily meet their needs and refine the message they see and receive, thus further boosting conversion rates.