3 Important Things to Consider Before Starting a Social Media Campaign

Jan 30, 2013

The key to any successful social media campaign is planning. There has to be strategy, research, preparation and execution. Social media campaigns are no different. So many believe designing the most stunning visual website or producing Hollywood quality videos and plastering them across the Internet are a step away from marketing success.

Social media is the biggest audience in the world, the greatest opportunity to reach the largest consumer base imaginable. We’re also looking at a generation of people who grew up with the Internet. It’s become as common a daily tool as television and the car. Everyone’s creating their own web content. Everyone knows about SEO. Everyone’s shooting video and putting it on Facebook.

Sample SMM Campaign Tracker

It’s so incredibly easy to get lost in there. It’s why social media campaigning has to be undertaken with caution and savvy. Otherwise, your content will be among the billions no one ever hears about. There are many things to consider before launching a social media marketing campaign, but here are three paramount considerations.

Followers are, for the most part, meaningless

In retail, it doesn’t matter how many people walk into the store, if no one buys anything it wasn’t a good day. The same goes for social media. We’ll get giddy over the numbers. Impressed over who’s Sharing and Liking us. Smiling about how many follow us on Twitter. It’s great!

Only how much of that has turned into actual traffic driven to product, services and sales, revenue and profit? While the numbers can definitely indicate some level of success, unless social activity has translated into sales you haven’t accomplished your goal. When preparing a social media campaign, don’t look for popularity. Look for results.

Perform a social media audit


Gathering intelligence for your social media campaign is critical. With an audit, you have an initial idea of where your audience is and what they’re doing when they sit in front of their computers. This information will be critical in preparing and implementing your marketing strategy.

Using specific auditing software, find out where and even at what times consumers are looking for concert tickets or trying to locate a restaurant. Utilizing keywords, make the searches as broad or narrow as you want. If done properly, you’ll gather information that can be used to target your audience and their activities, allowing you to better prepare a social media campaign.

Social networking success requires time and patience

Even the best business ideas need to be nurtured and supported through success. Putting a presence on Facebook doesn’t mean your job is done. It’s only begun. You have to keep their attention. Fresh, relevant and original content must be constantly streamed to them. Promotions, intriguing announcements and information used to keep them interested and forwarding your material. And, most importantly, in the end realizing the success of your social media campaign is driving business and revenues up.