Things to Avoid While Networking

Nov 8, 2012


As a communication strategist and relationship expert, I am constantly meeting new people, interacting and networking. After being in the industry for over twenty years, I’ve come to know quite a large number of individuals from many different fields of business. Most of these people I have met by starting up conversations at conferences or have been introduced through mutual contacts.  However these individuals I have met would not have turned into beneficial business contacts had it not been for the grade A networking skills I picked up along the way. Networking is a complicated art with no formula for success, so today I have taken a different approach and share with you the top 3 things to 100% NOT do when trying to successfully network.

1 – Don’t Give Passive Responses

A passive response is the epitome of laziness. It tells the person that you are not engaged in the conversation that you are having. Further, the person may perceive you as not having concrete opinions on topics. To avoid this, always actively engage and offer insightful comments.

2 – Don’t Search Around the Room

While you may be tempted to admire the unique décor of this particular Hilton’s conference room, please refrain. Looking around the room is distracting to the person you are having a conversation with and shows that you are not paying attention to that conversation. No matter how mundane the topic, give your full attention so that the person knows you would be responsive in potential business dealings

3 – Don’t Forget to Give Your Business Card

This is the most important piece of wisdom I can possibly impart.  No matter how rich of a conversation you had with someone, it has gone to waste if you did not leave that person with your business card.  Be professional and always have a card or two on you so that the person doesn’t have an excuse not to link up with or contact you.