Social Media Marketing Systems (SMMS) — Which is Best for You?

Social Media Marketing Systems (SMMS) — Which is Best for You?

May 22, 2012

The team at lives and breathes social media marketing, so we thought we’d share information on tools for managing the process.  It’s all about Social Media Marketing Systems (SMMS).

With every online marketing channel and discipline, there must be tools to make the task of marketing more efficient and effective.  Social media marketing is no different.  A variety of social media management tools can help with everything from source network connections to campaign and social content management to monitoring & measurement.  While there are numerous tools available that manage single platforms (like Twitter), our list below includes services that manage multiple social network accounts, content and measurement.

The “Pain,” according to Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst for the Altimeter Group: social media teams are constantly challenged to appropriately respond to distributed conversations.

“Like CMS and WMS for centralized website management, social media management systems empower social media teams to manage multiple distributed social channels from one location – enabling the opportunity to build deeper relationships by being in more places at once,” writes Owyang.

SMMSs are collections of procedures used to manage workflow in a disparate social media environment.  These procedures can be manual or computer-based and enable the manager to listen, aggregate, publish and manage multiple social media channels from one tool.   In the most basic sense, these management tools do the following:

1) Connect with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2) Allow the manager to quickly publish from one location to each of those channels, with some providing the ability to customize to each channel.

3) Aggregate and manage social data.

A good system allows the manager to see an aggregated view of what’s happening (from views to comments) and may also offer some form of analytics and conversion metrics.

Dozens of SMMS platforms exist, but Entrepreneur Magazine’s Neil Patel recently focused on some good ones in “10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using — Now”

1.  EditFlow — EditFlow is a plugin from open source content management system WordPress designed to allow you to seamlessly manage your editorial team.

2.  TweetReach — This tool allows you to see how far your tweets travel.

3.  ArgyleSocial — This social media platform aims to help marketers connect the business dots with the social media dots.

4.  HootSuite for iPad — HootSuite users should be happy with this iPad application.  It includes a stationary column in the sidebar that keeps track of all streams being tracked.

5. TweetLevel — You might be thinking you don’t need another Tweet metric tool, but TweetLevel allows you to specifically search for hashtags, which can lead you to insights on who to follow based upon conversation versus person.

6.  ReFollow — When it comes to Twitter, numbers might not be as important as the people you follow and who follow you. ReFollow is an application that allows you to lock in those followers you’ve connected with and make sure they continue to follow you.

7.  TwitterSearch — You’ve probably heard of TwitterSearch but, more than likely, you aren’t using it correctly. To see what people are saying about your competitors, search with to:competitor or from:competitor (replacing “competitor” with that company’s Twitter handle).  To uncover top trending topics, search that topic plus –rt filter:links.  For example, “digital marketing-rt filter:links”.  That code will remove all of the retweets from the search.

8.  Traackr — One simple way to find and follow people who are influential in your space is to use Traackr.  It allows you to identify the “authorities” in your industry who can mean the most to your business or your client’s.

9.  SocMetrics — The Topical Influencer platform by SocMetrics is a Web-based tool that allows you to identify influencers, understand who these people are, interact with them and then monitor your campaign.

10.  Social Scope For BlackBerry users who’ve longed for an app that combines Twitter and Facebook on one screen, like TweetDeck for the desktop, consider trying Social Scope.  And on that same screen you’ll see a thumbnail image if someone shares something from TwitPic.

  • Dann Hauser

    Nice and brief overview. Any thoughts on Radian6? Thanks.

    • admin

      We use Radian6 and LOVE it. I would highly recommend it if you have clients who want in-depth analysis.