Part I — Social Media Marketing Campaign PR Tools—News Release Distribution Services

Part I — Social Media Marketing Campaign PR Tools—News Release Distribution Services

Mar 21, 2012

Ok, so you have deemed your idea or product to be newsworthy and of benefit to many people, and now you wish to promote it as part of a Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Publicity is one of the most important success factors for almost any website or business.  You’ve written a press release and optimized it for social media with links and keywords—it’s a Social Media News Release (SMNR).  This dynamic document speaks to online business and trade media, bloggers and consumers, offering up information in a variety of formats that include embedded audio, video and graphics along with relevant news bites, quotes and other information.

And now you want to distribute your SMNR.  Press release distribution helps you create buzz, increase online visibility, and drive website traffic.

Distributing SMNRs Online

News release distribution services requiring payment can range from the modest to the very costly.  Pricing can go anywhere from $80 to $3,500, depending on news release length, images and distribution (local, regional, national or international). The advantage of a paid service is that media and blog contacts are kept current and you will often receive specific instructions that pertain to how each individual recipient likes to be approached and contacted.

Additionally, you receive access to syndicated newswires like the Associated Press, Reuters and others that aren’t typically available through free services. Newswires are the official method of communication used by most media outlets to receive news content.  Top-of-the-line paid newswires include:

  • Marketwire—Social Media 2.0 service offers social media features like tagging and bookmarking options.  Users select from up to 50 social media bookmarks and tags, in-release performance statistics, Digg and Technorati feedback to see what people are saying about the release.  All Marketwire Social Media 2.0 releases are engineered to maximize social networking opportunities.
  • PR Newswire—Your message delivered to the print and broadcast newsrooms, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, websites, content syndicators and search engines that reach your target audiences.  Distribution services include SEO, social media tagging, complimentary reporting, free trade distribution and posting on high-traffic industry websites.
  • Business Wire—Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable (GloMoSoMe) platform posts your news to leading global mobile apps, provides dual-platform SEO enhancement with social media sharing and RSS features and provides valuable measurement data.
  • PRWeb—Online Visibility Engine features an SEO and social-media enabled distribution platform that provides the tools to optimize releases to make them easy to find by interested people and to rank higher in search engine results.

A 2010 CNN study about the news consumption and sharing habits of the network’s international audience found that 43 percent of online news sharing occurs via social media networks and tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, followed by e-mail (30 percent), SMS texting (15 percent) and instant messenger (12 percent).

The study re-confirmed the idea that a small group of “influencers” is generally responsible for driving the spread of news. The study found that 27 percent of frequent sharers (those who share at least six stories per week) account for the online distribution of 87 percent of all news stories. The average consumer of online news content shares 13 stories per week and receives 26 stories via social media and/or e-mail.

The commercial online news and press release distribution services have been adding social media elements to their news release distribution, intelligence and monitoring, and media portal website services.  Two that do are:

  • RealWire—A press release distribution company that specializes in online media.
  • PRUndergroundSocial Media Press Release Packages – Copper / $19.95, Gold / $49.95, Platinum $199.95

Not all distribution services optimize press releases for social media.  Nonetheless, many provide an opportunity to spread the word about your company’s products and services in an affordable manner.

Part II – Leveraging DigiPR — Integrated Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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