Social Media Marketing Campaign Management – Part I

Feb 14, 2012


All things created must then be controlled.

As Orange County social media marketing consultancy specialists, the team at has been down this road many times:

You’re about to launch your beloved Social Media Marketing Campaign.

You know your online target market in-depth.  You know where to find them, and you’ve designed a campaign that will intrigue them and lead them to take actions toward becoming customers.

You’ve developed a “listening” program to answer the “Who, What, When and Where” questions of the Social Web from which successful social media tactics emerge.   Listening through social media monitoring is critical to understanding brand, competitors and key terms relevant to your online audience. You know that without a smart listening effort, you’d otherwise miss key opportunities: marketing, customer service, sales, recruiting, partnering, public relations and more.

You’ve developed an overall social media strategy and set up monitoring and measurement (e.g., Web analytics).

You’ve embraced the Social Media Rules of Engagement: connect to your audience with relevance, brevity and transparency.

You’ve created content for social media profiles that is timely, appropriate, unique and valuable.

Facebook page –- check.  Twitter page –- check.  LinkedIn contact network — check.  Blog — check.  A series of videos for your YouTube channel –- a challenge, but check.  A mobile app (prospects and customers are beginning to expect them) – check. Monthly e-newsletter with business tips to stay in front of prospects and new customers (because e-mail marketing is a social media tool)  –  check.

Your social media news releases speak to online business and trade media, bloggers and consumers, offering up information in a variety of formats that include embedded audio, video and graphics along with relevant news bites, quotes and other information. Your pitches allow for blog-style comments to be attached to them so readers can engage the company in conversation about announcements.

Your content is not offensive or biased, nor can it be easily misinterpreted so that it could ever be used against you.

You’ve done the proper SEO work to obtain high-ranking placement in the search engine results pages—high quality keyword-rich copywriting, lists instead of paragraphs, link building, etc.

You’ve put effort into making the overall social media campaign’s experience fun, engaging and proactive–and even addictive with interactive games, puzzles and teasers.

All of this drives prospects to the most important part of the campaign — a series of landing pages on your website designed to capture prospects and help convert them into paying customers. The landing pages are designed specifically around the social media campaign, and you’ve installed Google Analytics (or Eloqua or Adobe Online Marketing Suite) so that you can track traffic and conversions.  You’re equipped to measure the depth of your social media campaign’s fulfillment of goals and returns.

You’ve planned for your ROI to be bigger than (or at least equal to) the invested money, time, effort and resources that you are putting in the project.

You’re ready for the buzz, prepared for the demand.

Now, the most important question: since you’re busy running your company, just who exactly is in charge of managing the myriad details involved with this critical project?

Internet-based social media make it easier for companies to listen to and interact, engage and collaborate with customers and prospects. But, as the volume of social media venues and conversations rises, it quickly becomes a time- and labor-intensive process to effectively track, monitor and manage all the activity.

Without proper management of the campaign and the program, your beautiful Social Media Campaign could be a dismal failure.

Part II: Social Media Managers a Must for Campaign Success

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