Social Intelligence – InfiniGraph, Golden Spoon and Facebook Ad Campaign

Feb 6, 2012

DigitalEYE Media wanted to better understand how Facebook brought people looking for a sweet, icy treat out to Golden Spoon frozen yogurt stores in sultry Palm Springs.

So we turned to InfiniGraph, a provider of Web-based technology using proprietary advanced marketing automation and Social Intelligence algorithms that produce ongoing social analysis, influencer ranking and affinity group segmentation relating to specific brands.

The Golden Spoon in the Social Face

Golden Spoon is a frozen yogurt retail chain headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., with stores located mainly in California, Nevada and Arizona, plus international locations in Tokyo, Japan and Metro Manila, Philippines.

Golden Spoon yogurt is creamy and sweet — just like soft serve ice cream. Most of the flavors are fat free, or low fat. Due to hygiene standards and added service value, Golden Spoon does not provide self-service, so employees serve the yogurt in cones or cups with the chain’s signature golden plastic spoon.

Golden Spoon owns and operates stores in Coachella Valley, Calif., an agricultural and recreational desert valley east of Riverside and San Bernardino and home to the famous desert resort cities of Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

The Golden Spoon franchises of Coachella Valley are a DigitalEYE Media client. In January 2011, Digital Eye and Golden Spoon ran a Facebook ad campaign for the valley stores.

The campaign incorporated InfiniGraph’s Social Intelligence analysis capability. The primary intent of the campaign was to increase yogurt sales, but understanding the underlying dynamics of social media marketing effectiveness was also a crucial driver.

The Facebook ad was designed to drive traffic to the company’s Facebook fan page, with the call to action being to “Like” the page. Fans were also asked to complete a registration form to join Golden Spoon’s customer e-mail list.


DigitalEYE wanted to improve the Facebook ad buy targeting efficiency for Golden Spoon by using InfiniGraph’s Social Intelligence analysis capability to improve social targeting based on what consumers are connected to and most active around (brand affinity).

• Objective #1: Find brand affinities that are most relevant to the target audience.

• Objective #2: Use trending brand affinities to increase targeting, clickthrough rates (CTRs) and “Likes,” and improve purchase conversions.

Tasks included running a Social Intelligence analysis on Golden Spoon’s Facebook page and Twitter profile to obtain brand affinities, which were applied to the Facebook ad buy.

The prospect list was further refined using InfiniGraph’s Social Intelligence Brand Affinities feature, which taps into like-minded groups on Facebook, based on relevancy and activity.

The geographic target was Palm Springs and a 50-mile radius, while the demographic target focused on people ages 14 and up, individual women, and families.

InfiniGraph created a Golden Spoon “Affinity Map” which showed how the firm’s target audience interacts with other brands. The Affinity Map was used to directly specify the company’s Facebook ad buy in the “follow by like” and interest area.

DigitalEYE used InfiniGraph’s software control panel to gather additional Social Intelligence and to determine what flavors were trending most. Social Intelligence also aided in increasing the clickthrough rate (CTR) and reaching the most active consumer base.


Top-line results were as follows:

• Clickthrough rate: 6 percent
• Liked page fan: 51 percent
• Conversion to buy: 18 percent*
• Same store sales: up 13.7 percent during promotional period

* Coupon redemption rate was reported to be approximately 18 percent with each e-mail promotion.

New Facebook likes were up 162 percent, while monthly active users rose 105 percent. Post feedbacks were boosted by 612 percent, and post views increased by 249 percent.

Based on what we were able to learn from the Social Intelligence analysis, we ran promos on Facebook on slow days–Mondays and Tuesdays sales are equivalent to what they are on a weekend.

Click here to view and download a PDF of the InfiniGraph/Golden Spoon/Facebook Social Intelligence Ad Campaign —