Part II – Leveraging DigiPR—Integrated Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Part II – Leveraging DigiPR—Integrated Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Mar 27, 2012


The Social Media Newsroom / Media Center (SMN)

The Social Media News Release needs a place to call home on the corporate website, and that would be the Online Social Media Newsroom / Media Center.

In a July 2010 Washington Post article “Social Networking: 10 Mistakes Organizations Make,” Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book, recommended that organizations and companies using social media maintain a hub on their primary website where users can find links or feeds to blogs, photo galleries and other third-party social sites. This gives journalists, bloggers, customers and other constituents a single go-to URL.

The online newsroom is the perfect place to do this, yet a look at the sites of the top 30 companies listed in an EngagementDB study revealed that only 55 percent had social features and links to their social content in their online newsroom.

For firms that would prefer an alternative to a “home-grown” newsroom, a good choice is the Vocus Online Newsroom ( Hosted by Vocus, the newsroom maintains the exact look and feel of the rest of the client’s website including all of the graphics, colors and fonts.

But some Online Newsroom software vendors are taking their Media Centers social:

  • Press-Feed (—The Press-Feed newsroom makes it easy to add news content and social media content to your website — newsletters, press releases, updates and articles.
  •—iPressroom’s Online Newsrooms include a content management platform for Web publishing, media contacts management, press release distribution, statistics and tracking, and the latest in new media and social media tools and services such as blogs, audio/video podcasts and RSS.
  • PitchEngine’s Newsroom for Facebook (—This app integrates the PitchEngine platform with user Facebook pages, adding a “Newsroom” tab to the user’s Facebook page, allowing visitors to access news releases and other information from the site.  Can be added to a new or existing account for $499.

A social media newsroom makes it easy for journalists, bloggers and site visitors to find and share your ready-to-use news content (especially images and video).  Benefits include:

  • Offer links to all your social content. (A recent analysis of Fortune 100, Inc. 500 and Entrepreneur Hot 100 sites shows that less than 20 percent of the companies that are active in social media have links to this content on their websites.)
  • Publish all news releases in social media format on your own website (or a dedicated microsite).
  • Add all multimedia assets to your newsroom.
  • Add these to your press releases.
  • Optimize your news content for search so it can be more easily found .
  • Syndicate all news content in RSS feeds.
  • Provide embed codes with images and video so bloggers or journalists can easily use your content.

Examples of Social Media Newsrooms:

Where Should the Newsroom Reside?

Some companies place their Online Newsroom as a section on their main website, visible to all visitors as a link on a menu bar or other navigational element.

Others build entirely separate websites just for the media—journalists, bloggers, writers, analysts.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach.  Making your newsroom part of your main site enables a journalist to roam your site, absorbing more of the feel and culture of your company and its products.  It also makes it easier if the reporter wants more information about a particular product than can be found in your media materials.

Creating a separate Online Newsroom website or microsite allows you to tailor everything to suit the needs of reporters and prevents the possibility of confusion for potential customers visiting your main site. Journalists however, need to be able to quickly access the main site.  Provide clear links to your main site throughout, and code them so that they open in a new window, allowing the reporter to see your main site without having to backtrack to the Online Newsroom.

Never require journalists to register or sign into the Online Newsroom for access. They’re busy, so always make life as easy as you can for them.

Be sure to offer journalists the opportunity to enter their e-mail addresses if they wish to be kept up-to-date on the latest news from your company.

Remember, it’s a lot of hard work pulling all the content, multimedia and social news sharing capabilities together in an Online Newsroom and making it appear well ordered and comprehensive.

Properly administering an Online Social Media Newsroom / Media Center means tasking an employee with this (nearly full-time) job, or completely outsourcing it to the PR firm.

Since the bottom line is always the bottom line, remember that creating or re-designing a newsroom for today’s informational needs (buyers, customers, media and analysts) means you have to justify the costs to the CFO.

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