Mobile Is Taking Over the World

Oct 12, 2012

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry whose roots can be found in print (newspapers, posters and magazines). Like any good industry, advertising has evolved over the years, adjusting to the ever changing economic, political and social landscapes of the time. The team has seen advertising’s platform shift from dominance by print to traditional forms of media such as television and the radio and finally to the Internet. But what is the next frontier in advertising? We believe that mobile advertising is the future. If you don’t believe that mobile devices are taking over the world, consider the following. In a recent press release, Gartner – IT research analysts and consultants – has provided mind-blowing stats on the future of mobile devices.

In 2015:

  • 1 billion smartphones will be sold
  • 350 million tablets will be sold
  • Over 1 billion people will access social networks from mobile devices
  • $20.6 billion will be spent on mobile advertising

Still not a believer? Consider this, when you woke up this morning, where did you go to be updated on the latest news and trends of the day? Did you:

a)    rush to the nearest newsstand to grab a copy of the daily newspaper

b)   fire up your desktop to visit news sites and check in on social networks

c)    roll over, grab your tablet or smartphone off your bedside table in order to have the information you desired right at your fingertips

We are going to take a guess that an overwhelming majority of people will choose c. Why? Because we live in an increasingly on-the-go society where we desire not only portability but also instant access. Luckily for us, mobile devices are becoming more user-friendly than ever and with the proliferation of cloud-based storage software you won’t have to worry about storage space for important documents.

Not only are these devices becoming more advanced but mobile applications are becoming increasingly more effective in targeting and motivating preferred customers. We think that if you haven’t already, you need to be making use of the mobile platform. Whether this means mobile advertising or creating a mobile application, don’t just think about it, DO IT because mobile is taking over the world.



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