How Google Can Help You

Nov 26, 2012

Google may be one of the greatest success stories of all time. Not only is Google the most used search engine on the Internet today, it has also become a mulch-faceted brand with a plethora of tools that can help you improve your business. Many of us overlook these tools or do not give enough credit to their collaborate nature. Today we outline for you a few of Google’s many applications that can increase efficiency within your organization.

Google Docs & the Drive

Google Docs is a great way to share documents with co-workers. What’s even better is that you can store all these documents on Google’s cloud-based storage drive.  These two tools combined makes file sharing a breeze as you can access the drive right from your Google account. Another plus to these applications is that you can set permissions to allow people to edit documents that you share.

Google Calendar Meetings

The Google calendar is an efficient way to manage daily meetings and your personal schedule. It is also a great tool to improve your business because you can create and invite individuals to events such as scheduled meetings. This free calendar works on all devices from PCs to phones and tablets, to allow users to add an event from anywhere, receive alerts for meeting, and you will be able to share it with anyone to prevent scheduling conflicts. Make life less complicated on you and your colleagues.

Google Chat

Google chat is a great tool to make use of as an alternative to call, text and email and is extremely useful due to its integrated nature. Similar to Facebook chat, it allows you to see whether or not the user is online and available to message. Available contacts are determined as those individuals currently viewing their email.