Don’t Count LinkedIn Out

Sep 20, 2012

When you hear the words “social media” your mind probably drifts to images of Facebook and Twitter, the Alpha and Omega of the digital information sharing community. But should incorporating these two sites be the extent of your online marketing efforts? The Girard Brewer team is here to tell you that the answer is most definitely NO! While making use of these two sites is taking a step in the right direction, you are missing 1/3 of social media trifecta – Linkedin.

It is important to incorporate all three platforms into your Internet marketing efforts because each platform has a unique approach to the way in which information is shared.


Facebook is the perfect platform to build brand identity and share the story of your company. It is also a great platform to engage followers in casual conversations about your brand. The informal nature of Facebook also allows followers to feel comfortable enough to share honest insights.


Content being syndicated on Twitter, like Facebook, has a more relaxed and casual feel. This is a great platform to provide your followers with updates about your company. Although it is quick and easy, it does not give you the level of freedom to engage in conversations with followers that Facebook does.


While Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly powerful Internet marketing tools, they are very informal channels and thus so is the content shared on these sites. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is like the cautious older brother of little sisters Facebook and Twitter. While it is still used as an information sharing platform, it is a more formal and sophisticated.  The greatest benefit of LinkedIn is that it is a business oriented sharing platform and thus information shared on the site is of a professional nature (no photos of cats or babies allowed).

Many companies often disregard LinkedIn because of its lack of sharing ability in comparison to Facebook and Twitter (LinkedIn has announced plans to integrate video sharing in the near future) but the team is here today to urge you to make the most of what LinkedIn has to offer. If used properly, LinkedIn could become the right hand of your Internet marketing effort because it has marketing tools built into its platform (Facebook and Twitter have built in marketing tools but LinkedIn’s are more extensive).

How To Use LinkedIn As A Marketing Tool

1) Create a LinkedIn Company Page – allows you to create an online professional presence aside from your website in which professionals from a variety of industries can easily access your products, services and contact information

2) Engage the community in a poll – allows you to gather feedback about your business and can be shared on Facebook & Twitter as well as embedded into your company website

3) Get clients to recommend you – allows you to showcase your business to the recommender’s network

4) Create a display ad – Similar to a Facebook Ad, allows you to target specific audiences as well as track click-throughs in order to see if your ad is having the desired effect

5) Status Updates – Similar to Twitter, send out a quick tidbit about your company (Don’t share anything unprofessional – LinkedIn even has discussion boards which list do and do not’s of posting status updates)

6) Inbox – Allows you to contact every connection with a direct message